Examine the Production, Market and Benchmarking of Carnitine in China

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L-Carnitine, a natural and water soluble nutrient that can be produced by human body and also can be obtained from muscles, is an indispensable factor in the metabolism of fat and has many essential functions in human body.

These years, the role of Chinese L-Carnitine industry in the world has become more and more important. Although L-Carnitine has been discovered for over a century and has developed quite well in Switzerland, Italy, US and Japan, the production and industrial application of L-Carnitine in China just began 10-15 years ago. However, the L-Carnitine industry develops rapidly in China. At the moment, Chinas L-Carnitine is competitive both at home and aboard thanks to its low price and good quality. 12 Chinese producers are active in production of L-Carnitine currently. Their total output of L-Carnitine in 2007 reached 1,408 tonnes, 34.94% of which was exported. And only small quantity of L-Carnitine is imported.

What will the role of China's L-Carnitine industry be in the global market? Will the export volume grow larger in the future? This report will answer these questions.

Because of the Beijing Olympic Games and the rising prices of some major raw materials, the price of L-Carnitine has been growing since the end of 2007 or early 2008, and it has been 20%-40% higher than that in the past 3 years. How does it influence domestic L-Carnitine production and the export? Can domestic L-Carnitine producers earn considerable profit under the current situation? The report will give a detailed analysis in this report.

Driven by the huge profits and positive market prospects, many Chinese L-Carnitine manufacturers expand their capacities. It is forecasted that production capacity of L-Carnitine in China will have a sharp rise in the next few years. The competition between L-Carnitine manufacturers in China will be increasingly apparent. Moreover, with the development of oversea producers, the competitions among countries will grow increasingly intense. Compared with some internationally well-known L-Carnitine producers such as Lonza, are there any other competitive advantages in major domestic L-Carnitine producers apart from low production cost? Can they still earn satisfying profit when facing the international L-Carnitine producing giants?

L-Carnitine is mainly used in health food and feed in China. As China is a country with huge potential market for health food and feed and more and more Chinese people realize the importance of health food, the consumption of L-Carnitine will be even larger in China. Are there any other potential large consumption fields of L-Carnitine in China? What is the future of L-Carnitine production in China? This report will also reveal the current situations of L-Carnitine application and demand in China.

Key Topics Covered:

Methodology and definitions

I Production and market information of Carnitine in China

I-1 Brief history of Carnitine production in China

I-2 Current production situation of Carnitine in China

I-2.1 Summary of manufacturers

I-2.2 Summary of production and market

I-3 Development of Carnitine derivatives in China

- Acetyl L-Carnitine

- Tartrate L-Carnitine

- Fumarate L-Carnitine

- Other important and/or new Carnitine derivatives

I-4 Production technology of Carnitine in China

I-5 Situation of researchers and their achievement in China

I-6 Supply of major raw materials of Carnitine in China

I-6.1 Brief introduction to raw materials involved in Carnitine production

I-6.2 Current supply of major raw materials of Carnitine in China

I-7 Import and export of Carnitine and its derivatives in the recent three years

I-7.1 Import situation of Carnitine and its derivatives

I-7.2 Export situation of Carnitine and its derivatives

I-8 Consumption pattern of Carnitine in China

I-8.1 Consumption pattern

I-8.2 End user list

I-9 Future forecast

I-9.1 Key factors and driven forces for the development of Carnitine in China

I-9.1.1 Macro economics

I-9.1.2 Policies

I-9.1.3 Demand from end use fields

I-9.1.4 Health situation of Chinas people

I-9.2 Future forecast on Carnitine in the Next 5-10 Years

I-10 Conclusion

II Benchmarking of Carnitine

II-1 Introduction to this work

II-2 Theoretical Analysis

II-2.1 Chemical synthesis method

II-2.1.1 Model 1

II-2.1.2 Model 2

II-2.2 Enzymatic conversion method

II-2.3 Carnitine derivatives

II-2.3.1 Acetyl L-Carnitine

II-3 Verification and profit estimation of Chinese manufacturers

II-3.1 Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (NEPG)

II-3.1.1 Survey and site visit summary

II-3.1.2 Profit estimation of Carnitine

II-3.2 Shenyang Koncepnutra Co., Ltd.

II-3.2.1 Survey and site visit summary

II-3.2.2 Profit estimation of Carnitine

II-3.3 Shenzhen Asiatop Carnitine Technology Co., Ltd.

II-3.3.1 Survey and site visit summary

II-3.3.2 Profit estimation of Carnitine

II-3.4 Lonza

II-3.4.1 Survey summary

II-3.4.2 Profit estimation of Carnitine

II-3.5 Comparison between Lonza and some domestic Carnitine producers

III Appendix: profiles of major producers in China

III-1 Shenyang Koncepnutra Co., Ltd.(Shenyang Dongyu Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd.)

III-12 Shanghai Kechang Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Companies Mentioned:

-Shenyang Koncepnutra Co., Ltd.

-Liaoning Northeast Pharmaceutical Group

-Zhejiang Jiashan Chengda Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd.

-Shaanxi East-Star Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.

-Wuhan Dongfang Liwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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