Peachtree Group’s Film Financing Division Gaining Notoriety

ATLANTA--()--Peachtree Group (Peachtree), a prominent private equity firm, debuted its financed film, "The Surfer,” starring Nicholas Cage, at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

This successful premiere at Cannes is just one highlight in a series of achievements by Peachtree and its film financing division, Peachtree Media Partners. The firm already has financed nearly a dozen films, cementing its reputation as a growing alternative to conventional television and movie financing.

Peachtree leverages its deep financial expertise and a proven track record of more than $10 billion in investments to excel in uncovering niche and non-traditional opportunities where risk is mispriced to its advantage, driving outsized returns on its investments. The firm applies this strategic insight to transform the financing landscape for television and film productions, generating significant value.

"Our increased activity in movie and television financing represents a natural progression of our capabilities and interests," said Greg Friedman, managing principal and CEO of Peachtree. "We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities within the entertainment industry, especially in an era where content creation is rapidly evolving. We aim to support producers and creators with tailored financial solutions that align with their vision and project needs."

This strategic expansion taps into the growing demand for alternative financing within the dynamic entertainment sector. It specifically addresses the needs of productions ranging from $5 million to $50 million, which are adapting to rapid changes and an increasing number of productions seeking flexible funding options.

As streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and others continue to pour billions into original content to captivate and retain subscribers, they are reshaping the entire financing landscape.

"Peachtree's initiative is poised to capitalize on these industry shifts, offering innovative financial structures that align with the needs of modern content creators," Friedman said. "Having an industry veteran, Joshua Harris, leading Peachtree Media Partners provides the expertise to structure the financing appropriately while mitigating downside risks."

Peachtree's risk management strategy in entertainment financing includes detailed evaluations of each project's commercial potential, the presence of A-list talent, the production team's track record and collateral such as tax credits and pre-sale agreements. The firm also implements safeguards like completion bonds to ensure that projects are completed within budget and on schedule.

"We are excited to provide a platform that not only fuels the creative economy but also aligns with our investment strategies, providing our stakeholders with diverse opportunities in the burgeoning entertainment sector," added Joshua Harris, managing partner of Peachtree Media Partners. "Furthermore, Peachtree's vertical integration allows us to go beyond capital investments in debt and equity by developing the infrastructure needed to originate, underwrite, manage assets and operate as appropriate."

Peachtree has fully transitioned into film and television financing, actively collaborating with filmmakers and production companies on upcoming projects, with 20-plus opportunities currently in its pipeline. In 2024, additional Peachtree-financed movies slated to be released alongside “The Surfer,” include “The Fabulous Four,” starring Bette Midler and Susan Sarandon, “Not Without Hope,” featuring Zachary Levy and Josh Duhamel and “In the Grey,” directed by Guy Ritchie.

The ongoing digital transformation, the proliferation of high-quality content production and changes in consumer viewing habits suggest that the movie and film financing market will remain dynamic and potentially lucrative for the foreseeable future.

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Peachtree Group, a prominent private equity firm, debuted its financed film, "The Surfer,” starring Nicholas Cage, at the Cannes Film Festival.

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