Blameless Unveils Backstage Integration to Revolutionize Service Catalog Management and Microservices Analysis

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, Blameless, a leader in incident management solutions and artificial intelligence innovation, proudly announced the integration of the Backstage Service Catalog into its platform. Blameless is widely recognized as the preferred enterprise Incident Management solution on the market, chosen by industry leaders for its ability to help engineering teams reduce the time and resources spent on incidents. By introducing a proactive framework for incident management, Blameless has helped customers reduce their engineering time spent on incidents by as much as 50%.

Known for its capacity to build detailed developer portals, Backstage simplifies the management of service catalogs, streamlining the governance of microservices and their intricate dependencies. This expansion of the Blameless ecosystem allows the company to support any open-source or API-based solutions that comply with the Backstage protocol. By adding Backstage to its other connected comprehensive catalogs for ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and OpsGenie, Blameless has taken a huge leap forward in providing custom incident analytics and service-aware incident management workflows for its customers.

Ken Gavranovic, COO at Blameless, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This integration marks a significant stride in our journey towards providing seamless, consistent, and automated incident management. Picture a scenario where navigating a new incident becomes a breeze, with immediate insights into the complex network of service dependencies. Our integration with Backstage, coupled with the recent launch of our Incident Assistant, transforms this vision into reality. It enables swift issue resolution, significantly lowers the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), reduces incident frequency, and cuts down on redundant efforts." Gavranovic explained, "With the shift towards microservices, many organizations find their incident management practices stuck in the ways of operating a monolith; this wastes people's time and company resources. Our solution addresses this gap and delivers substantial time savings in the process. Some of our early users have been able to cut the time they spend responding to incidents annually in half. It alleviates team stress during critical moments, prevents outages, and ensures the delivery of reliable services."

This integration offers two key advantages: it makes it seamless to correlate Blameless incidents to your entire and continuously changing infrastructure tracked via Backstage. It enables a more thorough analysis of how individual microservices impact production reliability. This aligns with Blameless's plan to incorporate artificial intelligence across its platform, automating incident responses and promoting adaptive learning. The synergy with Backstage significantly boosts Blameless's capabilities in deploying predictive analytics algorithms, thus enabling engineering organizations to identify and mitigate potential issues within their microservices infrastructure proactively. This strategy is designed to anticipate and prevent major incidents before they affect customers.

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About Blameless

Blameless is recognized as the first comprehensive Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) platform, providing an array of tools aimed at enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and resilience of IT operations. With a focus on automation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, Blameless empowers engineering teams to proactively tackle incidents and boost system reliability, adhering to a philosophy that blends innovation with a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Aaron Lober


Aaron Lober