Cargill SustainConnect™ to meet rising demand for sustainable canola & open new revenue streams for Australian canola growers

Cargill is introducing a sustainable agriculture program to help Australian canola growers connect with new and emerging markets with the launch of Cargill SustainConnect™. (Photo: Business Wire)

SYDNEY--()--Cargill is introducing a sustainable agriculture program to help Australian canola growers connect with new and emerging markets with the launch of Cargill SustainConnect™. The Cargill SustainConnect™ program will open new revenue streams for growers in Australia and assist Cargill in catering to the rising demand from domestic and international customers for sustainable Australian canola.

This launch follows the completion of a successful pilot program in 2023 and helps scale Cargill’s global sustainable agriculture portfolio, tailored to the needs of local farmers and their operations.

Cargill SustainConnect™ also builds on Cargill’s global efforts to make sustainable farming programs commonplace across its global supply chains, which includes the award-winning Cargill RegenConnect™ program in North America and Europe. Cargill is committed to partnering with farmers to support an economically viable transition to sustainable agriculture.

Agriculture has a unique opportunity to utilise sustainable agricultural practices to address the global climate challenge and better the economic prospects for farmers, who are at the forefront of our food system,” said Ben Fargher, Cargill Environmental Market Lead, APAC. “Changes made at the grassroots of our supply chains can deliver a significant impact in reducing emissions and building the resilience of our soils for the next generation. We are actively working hand-in-hand with canola growers to lead the way, supporting them with tools, resources – and importantly, market access – to make the shift to sustainable agriculture.”

Cargill has been enrolling Australian canola growers in Cargill SustainConnect™, a new sustainable agriculture program that provides a financial incentive for positive environmental outcomes through the adoption of sustainable practices, while helping to improve soil health and decarbonize the agricultural supply chain.

Australian canola growers enrolled in Cargill SustainConnect™ can choose from a variety of sustainable agriculture practices including several nutrient management interventions, reduced or no-tillage and crop residue retention.

Cargill has partnered with leading carbon measurement business Regrow to measure, report and verify (MRV) carbon outcomes using in-field data, remote sensing and crop and soil health modeling. The Regrow platform ensures easy enrollment and secure data collection, while providing growers and Cargill’s demand customers with transparent measurement and verification options.

"Regrow is excited to grow our global partnership with Cargill in support of Australian canola farmers. Through Cargill SustainConnect™ we will support producers in sustainable farming practice adoption, building greater resilience in their operations, and gaining access to sustainability markets whilst assuring supply for generations to come," said Manal Elarab, Chief Operating Officer, Regrow.

Growers have told us they are looking for sustainability programs that offer simplicity, transparency, and flexibility to suit their specific operations. We’ve taken this feedback and designed Cargill SustainConnect™ to address these needs, and it has been very well received,” said Fargher.

How Cargill SustainConnect™ works

  • Cargill will help growers implement chosen interventions and share data from their activities.
  • Growers will receive a guaranteed $25/Ha, subject to practices being implemented in compliance with the one-year agreement. Total compensation will be based on the total hectares the grower enrolls in the program.
  • Regrow validates the interventions.
  • Growers receive payment for the interventions and access to opportunities in environmental markets and sustainable supply chains, while opening doors to Cargill’s downstream customers, who are counting on agricultural supply chains to achieve their sustainability goals.
  • The program is currently available to Australian canola farmers in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and Cargill is looking to extend this program in Western Australian in the future.

Cargill is currently evaluating expanding the Cargill SustainConnect™ program to grains in the future. The first barley pilots are underway.

Growers who are interested to participate in Cargill SustainConnect™ have until 31 March 2024 to join the program and can learn more at or contact our team at

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