Vercara Launches UltraSecure℠ to Provide Mid-Size Companies with Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Solutions

Purpose-built, flexible bundles combine industry-leading Vercara cloud-based services

STERLING, Va.--()--Vercara, a leading provider of cloud-based services that secure the online experience, is introducing UltraSecure℠ bundles designed to meet the online security needs of mid-size companies. These flexible packages offer enterprise-grade, custom solutions that protect critical applications, secure online properties and increase web performance.

While mid-size companies and SMBs have the same security needs as larger enterprises, these organizations often have fewer resources to protect against threats. With UltraSecure℠, companies can augment their cybersecurity resources with purpose-built, best-in-class solutions bolstered by Vercara’s hands-on support and expertise.

“Mid-size companies are often challenged by budget and talent constraints when it comes to their cybersecurity defenses, but are facing increasing threats that stand to cripple their businesses entirely. The solutions to prevent these attacks are often cost-prohibitive,” said Gavin Mills, Global Sales Director at Safenames, a renowned global domain name registrar and Vercara partner. “UltraSecure℠ makes these powerful solutions more accessible and affordable. As a longtime partner to Vercara, we’re pleased to support an industry solution that provides a natural and necessary extension to the cybersecurity posture of these organizations.”

UltraSecure℠ unifies three industry-leading Vercara cloud-based services to maintain and safeguard against threats and attacks:

  • UltraDNS℠: A secure cloud-based authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) service that provides accurate, safe, reliable connections
  • UltraDDoS Protect℠: A fully managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service that defends websites, applications, and infrastructure, only allowing legitimate, clean traffic to flow through
  • UltraWAF℠: A web application firewall with integrated bot management that protects apps and digital assets against application layer threats

These services are delivered over a network engineered to provide the highest standards of availability, reliability, and security, overseen by a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) and DNS support experts.

“Vercara’s UltraSecure℠ bundles build upon our more than 30 years of experience partnering with companies of all sizes – from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations – and we’re proud to offer flexible cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of our mid-size customers,” said Carlos Morales, SVP of Solutions at Vercara. “UltraSecure℠ is fortified by Vercara’s dedication to white glove, real-person customer service and marked by a drive to provide purpose-built solutions to protect growing businesses.”

UltraSecure℠ packages are customizable by need. Customers can layer on additional applications for protection, increase DNS queries, upgrade the bandwidth of the WAF/DDoS Protection, and layer in Protective DNS services to protect their internal user base from threats such as ransomware, malware, and data exfiltration.

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About Vercara
Vercara is a purpose-built, global, cloud-based security platform that provides layers of protection to safeguard businesses’ online presence, no matter where attacks originate or where they are aimed. Delivering the industry’s highest-performing solutions and supported by unparalleled 24/7 human expertise and hands-on guidance, top global brands depend on Vercara to protect their networks and applications against threats and downtime. Vercara’s suite of cloud-based services is secure, reliable, and available, delivering peace of mind and ensuring that businesses and their customers experience exceptional interactions all day, every day. Pressure-tested in the world’s most tightly regulated and high-traffic verticals, Vercara’s mission-critical security portfolio provides best-in-class DNS and application and network security (including DDoS and WAF) services to its Global 5000 customers and beyond. For more information, visit


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