Trackstar to Digitize Supply Chain with the World’s First Universal API for Warehouse Management Systems

Trackstar co-founders Daniel Langer and Jeremy Schneck (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Trackstar, the Y Combinator-backed startup that’s revolutionizing supply chain logistics with the world’s first universal API for Warehouse Management Systems (“WMS”), today announced it has closed a $2.6 million seed round led by TMV. This funding will accelerate Trackstar's mission to integrate with warehouse management systems globally, enhancing supply chain efficiency and data accessibility for businesses of all sizes.

The global supply chain industry, valued at $11 trillion, still lags far behind the rapid surge of automation and digitization in other sectors. Within the supply chain, innovation is often impeded by a lack of available data, stemming from missing digital infrastructure.

Consequently, software and logistics companies focused on supporting the end-to-end flow of goods face the arduous task of constructing, sustaining, and standardizing data across numerous isolated integrations. Warehouse management systems are the system of record for data such as inventory, orders, and shipments that live within warehouses. The sheer number of these systems, most of which have inadequately documented APIs or no API documentation at all, contributes to the complexity of building applications in this sector.

Historically, companies would spend considerable time and money building one-off integrations into WMS, each of which could take months. Using Trackstar, companies can now connect with multiple WMS in minutes, with minimal development work.

Customers include inventory planning solutions, warehouse optimization software, trucking companies, supply chain visibility tools, fulfillment companies, and more. Not only does Trackstar’s API give these companies access to more customers and features, but it saves them significant time and resources so they can focus on their core products.

“Digitization of the global supply chain has been a critical imperative for years, and an elemental part of addressing the industry’s complexity, enormity, and volatility, all further compounded by long-held legacy systems. At TMV, we see Trackstar as a best-in-class next-generation solution poised to drastically improve supply chain operations across the globe — a single source of information, fewer decision makers, better collaboration, and higher performance," said Marina Hadjipateras, TMV General Partner.

Trackstar co-founders Jeremy Schneck and Daniel Langer are long-time friends who met while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Jeremy was previously a vice president at Oak Hill Advisors where he covered investments in the retail, consumer, and food and beverage sectors. Daniel was an early product manager at Datadog where he led a major integration team.

The two came together in 2021 to build monitoring software in the ecommerce enablement space. Through this process, they experienced firsthand the difficulty of accessing supply chain data. As a result, they decided to build infrastructure that makes this data, starting with WMS, readily accessible.

“The status quo for integrating with logistics and warehousing systems hinders innovation and negatively impacts end consumers,” said Daniel Langer, co-founder of Trackstar. “Our universal API is already helping companies launch new features, onboard more customers, and accelerate their growth.”

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About Trackstar: Trackstar is a universal API for warehouse management systems ("WMS"). Trackstar builds and maintains integrations across WMS, normalizing the data into a single API. Companies connect once with Trackstar's API to reduce development time, automate manual processes, launch new features, and onboard customers more quickly. Trackstar makes it possible for companies to integrate with and extract data from WMS in minutes, not months.

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Jeremy Schneck


Jeremy Schneck