Barobo’s Innovative Math-With-Robotics Program Produces Significantly Higher Math Scores

Barobo's innovative robotics technologies and standards-aligned K-12 math and CS curriculum are specifically designed for both classroom and expanded learning of math with coding and robotics. (Photo: Business Wire)

DAVIS, Calif.--()--Barobo, Inc. is announcing its latest success story in boosting math achievement scores for K-12 students. Barobo’s innovative C-STEM Math, CS, and Engineering Design Program integrates robotics and coding into math using Linkbot and OmniBot robots. The program supplements the regular math curriculum and is aligned with math standards and many popular textbooks. It may also be used in afterschool and summer programs. The program has proven to significantly increase students’ understanding and performance. Students at Redlands Unified School District in California are the latest beneficiaries of the C-STEM Program.

Math is the gateway that opens up STEM opportunities. But for too many students it’s a barrier. The latest results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress for Grades 4 and 8 revealed the largest drop ever in mathematics scores. Lack of engagement is a key factor in the poor showings of many students. As one way to address these challenges, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel has recommended that “computer programming be considered as an effective tool for developing mathematics concepts and applications, and mathematical problem-solving abilities.” The C-STEM Program is designed to boost student engagement and achievement by integrating hands-on coding and robotics into K-12 math education.

Redlands USD has worked to integrate the C-STEM Program into its classrooms while maintaining state math standards. Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Wagner says, “Improving math instruction for student success is the most challenging task in K-12 education. We used the C-STEM Program to make math instruction with computer science a reality for many of our students who have historically disconnected from learning math.” The district trained 35 teachers in the C-STEM approach, including teachers from six elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools.

Results have far exceeded expectations. Schools have been working for years to move the needle on math scores even a percentage point or two. But Redland’s 4th-8th grade math scores on the 2023 California state assessment showed a 10 point difference between students in C-STEM math classes and those in regular math classes: 47% of C-STEM students met or exceeded the grade-level standards compared to only 37% of students district-wide. The biggest difference was achieved in the key transition grade of 6th grade, where 58% of C-STEM students met or exceeded standards compared to only 36% of other students.

Most importantly, as Dr. Wagner states, “more students are demonstrating resilience and persistence in their math progression than ever before, which to us, is an immeasurable outcome.”

About Barobo

Barobo, Inc. ( is a leader in educational robotics for the integrated learning of K-12 mathematics and computer science. A spin-off company from the University of California, Davis, Barobo develops innovative hardware, software, and curricula for classroom use and after-school programs and summer camps. For at-promise and gifted students alike, Barobo technologies and curricula have been proven to significantly increase their math performance and college and career readiness.


Dr. Larry Lagerstrom, Chief Academic Officer

Release Summary

Barobo, Inc. is announcing its latest success story in boosting K-12 math achievement scores via the integration of math, coding, and robotics.


Dr. Larry Lagerstrom, Chief Academic Officer