THINKWARE Launches BLUE VENT MUMU, World’s First AI-Powered Smart Food Composter with Cutting Edge Metal Organic Framework (MOF)

Automated features make it easy to save time and money and reduce food waste by up to 95%

Pre-orders now available online at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Newegg, and at the THINKWARE store.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--THINKWARE, a leading provider of innovative tech products, is launching a composter through its home and lifestyle brand, BLUE VENT. The BLUE VENT MUMU is the world’s first AI-powered smart food composter with cutting edge Metal Organic Framework (MOF), which blocks and inhibits the propagation of fungi to ensure clean and harmless use. It is now available for pre-order online at,,, and The product begins shipping at the end of November, making it a great gift for the holidays.

Food waste is a significant problem in the US. According to a recent report, the US discards more food than any other country in the world, nearly 120 billion pounds a year, equating to 325 pounds of waste per person. That is estimated to be 40% of the entire US food supply. In addition to the huge amount of food wasted, discarded food occupies a lot of space in our overcrowded landfills and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Given that nearly half of all waste is generated by households, individuals hold considerable influence through their daily choices and actions.

BLUE VENT MUMU uses smart technology to take the guesswork out of composting. Key features include:

  • AI processing: automatically measures and gauges food waste by weighing and automates the disposal process accordingly
  • AI storage: automatically monitors food temperature and humidity to prevent spoilage
  • AI bucket detection: automatically senses the absence of the bucket and its contents
  • Odorless: powerful triple-activated carbon eco filter ensures odor control
  • Low noise: whisper quiet at just 20dB
  • High-temperature sterilization: effectively sterilizes 99.9% of pathogenic and harmful bacteria
  • Large 4L capacity
  • The industry’s first Smart Food Composter to use a new cutting-edge MOF (Metal Organic Framework) application, which blocks and inhibits the propagation of fungi to ensure clean and harmless use

“People are increasingly concerned about food waste from both an economic and sustainable perspective,” said Billy Alexandre, Product Expert at THINKWARE. “Composting is a great option for people to make a difference, but it has a bad reputation as being too difficult, too time-consuming and too odorous. Our BLUE VENT MUMU puts all of those concerns to rest and adds cutting-edge AI features that make the process easier, faster and more efficient while also being a beautiful product that anyone will be proud to have in their kitchen.”

Composting is mandatory in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, along with other cities and states across the US.

Pre-order BLUE VENT MUMU now at major online retailers including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Newegg and at the THINKWARE Store.

More details about BLUE VENT MUMU can be found at the THINKWARE Store.

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BLUE VENT is the home and lifestyle brand of THINKWARE. Our vision is to revolutionize sustainable living by integrating smart composting into every household. We aspire to create a world where reducing food waste and nurturing the environment through smart technology become second nature, fostering a global community of conscious consumers who contribute to a healthier planet.

Through continuous research, development, and education, we aim to equip households with the tools and knowledge they need to embrace sustainable practices.

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