The 2½ % mortgage, a Pauzible solution

LONDON--()--Millions of hardworking UK homeowners fear losing their home. Since the catastrophic increase in mortgage rates does not show any sign of retraction, we at Pauzible decided to take up this challenge and have now come up with a ground-breaking solution.

“We are truly delighted to unveil the 2½ % mortgage plan that offers a beacon of hope to homeowners grappling with the relentless rise in the cost of living”, says Prateek Solapurker. Co-founder of Pauzible.

Our Mission: Financial well-being of homeowners, and safeguarding the fabric of our society.

2 out of 3 households in the UK own a home but the increase in rates impacts not only homeowners but also the renters. Safeguarding housing affordability goes beyond the financial well-being of individuals and its ramification extends beyond economics to the core fabric of our society. It is this imperative need for intervention that led us to create a game-changing solution.

A Robust Solution Built on 3 pillars: Long term, Sustainable & Without incurring more debt.

Pay what you can afford now: Most homeowners were able to pay a 2.5% mortgage rate comfortably in the past and we believe can still afford to do so. Pauzible will pause their payments at the affordable level of 2.5% for up to five years. Pauzible would pay the additional mortgage amounts, by making the top up payments directly into their mortgage account every month.

More later, but when you can: Since inflation is at the heart of our problem, we used it as a tool to solve for the three pillars of a resilient Pauzible solution. We expect that the increase in typical household income over the next few years would end up outpacing the monthly cost of mortgage at that time.

No to more debt: While waiting for incomes to catch up, the solution from Pauzible is designed to utilise the increase in house prices to pay for the increase in the mortgage. Homeowners do not take any additional debt. Pauzible receives a fraction of an interest in your property, typically expected to be less than 1/4th of its value. This remains unchanged for a period of up to 10 years and homeowners are not expected to make any payments to Pauzible, while they continue to live in their own home.

Your home stays yours: Within this 10-year period, homeowners can buy back Pauzible’s interest in their property anytime at fair market value. It’s a fairly long time for most households to make an informed decision and sort out their financial matters. If the homeowner decides not to buyback the Pauzible share within the 10-year buyback period, Pauzible has the right to purchase the remainder of the homeowners’ share at fair market value.


We at Pauzible strongly believe that your home is not a luxury, but a necessity. Preserving homeownership is vital not just to bridge the wealth divide but also for the smooth functioning of the economy.

About Pauzible:

The team behind Pauzible has acquired deep knowledge of financial markets, and more specifically in mortgages, through decades of experience at reputable banks. They are enthusiastic about creating and delivering innovative financial solutions directly to people through technology.


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