Steadybit Unveils the "Landscape Explorer": Revolutionizing Chaos Engineering with Enhanced Visibility

Exploring the correlation between microservice needs and API endpoints reveals key infrastructure components. By sizing targets based on Spring MVC mappings, we highlight the importance of high availability and Chaos Engineering. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SOLINGEN, Germany--()--Today, Steadybit is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest feature, Landscape Explorer. Aimed squarely at modern DevOps and SRE teams, Landscape Explorer is designed to guide users through the maze of their system landscapes, making the planning and execution of Chaos Engineering experiments more straightforward.

Addressing a Pressing Need
Landscape Explorer helps tackle the complexity of evolving infrastructure, which often stymies teams using traditional methods in their Chaos Engineering experiments.

Landscape Explorer: Your Visual Guide
Built on Steadybit's proven target discovery technology, the Landscape Explorer offers a visual overview of all infrastructure components. Its default view displays a detailed Cluster map, allowing users to quickly grasp their system's architecture. Customization options, such as filtering and grouping, give users unparalleled insights, easing the planning process for Chaos Engineering experiments.

Actionable Insights for Real-World Scenarios
The Landscape Explorer goes beyond mere visualization. It provides actionable data, such as identifying deployments across multiple availability zones and pinpointing business-critical components.

Extend and Enrich
Organizations can augment Explorer's data through Extension Kits, allowing for more nuanced and detailed system exploration.

Feature Highlights:

  • In-depth Insights: Customizable visual maps guide users in navigating complex systems, simplifying decision-making.
  • Automatic Discovery: This feature keeps pace with the complexity of modern infrastructures, continuously updating and describing system components for precise experimentation.
  • Open-Source Integration: Steadybit encourages community input, ensuring the Landscape Explorer continually evolves.

“The Landscape Explorer is a great tool to view the cloud resources in your account and within the Kubernetes clusters. The interactive visualization, table view, and capability to explore with filters is great.” - Krishna Palati, Director of Software Development at

Steadybit remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. As part of this ongoing effort, the company plans to continue enhancing the Landscape Explorer, driven by invaluable user feedback. Through these updates, Steadybit aims to offer an ever-more powerful tool that meets the evolving needs of DevOps and SRE teams worldwide.

For a detailed walkthrough of the Landscape Explorer and to dive deep into its capabilities, please check out Steadybit's blog post: Launching Explorer: Your Companion on the Chaos Engineering Journey.

About Steadybit: Steadybit offers leading-edge Chaos Engineering solutions. With a focus on delivering a user-friendly experience packed with actionable insights, Steadybit is quickly becoming the preferred choice for DevOps and SRE teams around the globe.


Benjamin Wilms

Release Summary

Landscape Explorer by Steadybit visually maps software infrastructure, aiding DevOps and SREs in planning precise Chaos Engineering experiments

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Benjamin Wilms