Cut+Dry Launches The World's First AI Tool for the Foodservice Industry

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Cut+Dry, a leader in Foodservice e-commerce solutions, launches "Yes, Chef", a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed exclusively for Foodservice distributors nationwide. Today’s launch marks the first-ever application of AI technology tailored specifically to the Foodservice sector.

Founded in 2019, by the same team that led the digital transformation at Sysco, Cut+Dry’s mission is to bring the latest, most cutting-edge technology into the Foodservice industry. Adding to its many firsts, “Yes, Chef” is the first AI tool for Foodservice distributors. This one-of-a-kind tech is embedded into Cut+Dry’s platform and will help their distributor partners drive more revenue at a lower cost.

Foodservice distribution is a complex industry, historically characterized by small margins, fluctuating customer demands, and labor-intensive activities. Cut+Dry’s new AI tool addresses ALL these challenges and aims to make the distributors’ lives easier and more profitable.

“Artificial Intelligence is the natural next step to support distributors as they grow their business with Cut+Dry,” stated Mani Kulasooriya, CEO and Co-Founder, of Cut+Dry. “We’re the first in the industry to combine an e-commerce platform with AI applications, providing a unique and applicable solution to challenges faced every day by Foodservice distributors.”

This AI tool didn’t happen overnight. In fact, Cut+Dry spent over nine months at the Stanford Research Institute learning how to use machine learning to structure Foodservice data and then another four years fine-tuning that data set to develop these customer-facing AI applications.

The first version of “Yes, Chef” is designed to solve top-of-the-funnel and customer support challenges, ensuring every sales rep is equipped with the right tools to better market to restaurant operators. “Yes, Chef” includes:

  • Digital prospecting and proposal tools to increase distributors’ book of business
  • Data-driven AI product recommendations to sell more
  • In-depth insights into customer behavior, order trends, and product catalogs
  • Tools to uncover underperforming SKUs to give you actionable insights to move inventory and increase sales
  • Marketing solutions to move excess product, create sales and promotions, and market products effectively

“The Foodservice industry is undergoing a big, but long overdue transition of blending traditional operations with a digital-first customer experience mindset. Artificial Intelligence is an amazing opportunity for distributors of all sizes to catch up with the large broadliners who have a head start in developing digital customer experiences,” said Jim O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, of Cut+Dry. “The range of applications to the traditional distributors business is incredibly broad, from enhancing the customer experience to boosting their bottom lines. Going through a digital transformation is no longer optional and these new opportunities will allow you to catch up with your counterparts with lightning speed.

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About Cut+Dry

Cut+Dry is the leading e-commerce platform for independent foodservice distributors. They help distributors drive revenue growth, get paid faster, save time, and improve customer satisfaction. Created by the same team that built Sysco’s entire digital platform.