Aethon Books teams with VoyceMe to adapt Six Webcomics!

FORT WORTH, Texas--()--Aethon Books is thrilled to announce our partnership with VoyceMe to adapt six of our series into webcomics, with plans to begin releasing episodes in 2024.

VoyceMe is the first social creator platform for manga, webtoons, and webnovels. They’re a fresh new player in the world of webcomics behind hits such as God Game and The Mad Gate.

Aethon CEO Rhett Bruno had this to say about the union: “As we delve deeper into the world of webcomics, we’re always looking for innovative partners to help bring the best content to the most readers. VoyceMe has proven to be a serious contender in this space and we’re eager to see them grow.”

VoyceMe CEO Dylan Telano added: “We are all about empowering authors and artists, giving them a voice, and it’s partnerships like this that allow us to do that.”

Aethon Books is a rapidly growing, digital-first publisher of Science Fiction & Fantasy, best known for publishing titles such as #1 Overall Amazon bestselling He Who Fights with Monsters, Defiance of the Fall, Drop Trooper, The Primal Hunter, as well as books by NYT Bestseller Jonathan Maberry, NYT Bestseller Scott Sigler, and actor Lou Diamond Phillips.

The six series being prepped for adaptation are as follows:

Chrysalis, by RinoZ – A hit monster-evolution LitRPG Fantasy Series with nearly 30 million views as a web serial on its way to becoming an Amazon bestseller and an award-winning audiobook.

Apocalypse Tamer, by Maxime J. Durand – Full of equal parts action and laughs, this story is a satirical take on typical LitRPG Apocalypse stories blended with elements of Pokémon and Monster Rancher.

Tree of Aeons, by Spaizzzer – An epic Reincarnation LitRPG Series about a man who is reborn as a tree, growing and progressing throughout the ages in an eternal conflict against a demon incursion.

Speedrunning the Multiverse, by Adastra339 – This Cultivation Fantasy Series is about an ancient God who has reached the peak of his power, who decides to start over in his conquering of the multiverse and aim for the impossible: A Perfect Run.

[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling, by FreeiD – An action-packed and often hilarious LitRPG Apocalypse series about a young survivor with a craving for adventure and fighting.

Knights Apocalyptica, by Zach Skye – A Progression Fantasy series where the Earth met its end and monsters spilled out. Erec the knight seeks to reclaim his family’s honor and join the prestigious Academy.


Rhett Bruno, CEO