Renogy X Introduces Renogy X PowerTower™, an All-in-One Inverter and Battery Backup Solution at RE+ 2023

Renogy X PowerTower™ Offers up to 50 kWh of Capacity Using a Snap-and-Lock System that Radically Simplifies Installs, Saving Time and Money

Renogy X Introduces Renogy X PowerTower™, an All-in-One Inverter and Battery Backup Solution (Photo: Business Wire)

ONTARIO, Calif.--()--Renogy X, a leader in direct-to-consumer home solar, will showcase at RE+ 2023 the Renogy X PowerTower™, an all-in-one inverter and battery backup solution that saves space, cuts installation time and significantly reduces project costs. Renogy X will also unveil an unprecedented approach to transform the residential solar buying process, powered by cutting-edge e-commerce and digital project management techniques. The result is quicker project completion, lower costs, and an enhanced customer experience for homeowners. The direct sales model enables Renogy X to increase homeowner savings for solar projects by up to 40%. Renogy X, which launched early this year, is powered by Renogy, the leader in off-grid solar for more than a decade. Renogy manufactures its own signature solar panels, hybrid inverters, and home battery systems, keeping costs low and quality high.

The new Renogy X PowerTower™ is ideal for both grid-tied and off-grid applications. With its optimized hybrid technology and cost-saving design, it can scale up enough to take a modern home entirely off the grid.

Traditionally, solar customers and installers have relied on a combination of components from different manufacturers for home solar systems that provide both solar generation and battery backup. This has created a number of problems, including:

  • The systems themselves are becoming more complex, and equipment mismatches can lead to suboptimal performance, code violations and safety risks.
  • Specialized electrical work needed to connect all the necessary components is time consuming and expensive.
  • Warranty claims often lead to finger-pointing by different component manufacturers.

Renogy X PowerTower™ is designed to eliminate these problems with a foolproof snap and lock system that connects the powerful hybrid inverter with as many as ten 5-kWh battery modules – all in a factory-designed and pre-packaged setup. The system starts at 10 kWh of capacity but can be expanded up to a whopping 50 kWh of battery and 22.8 kW of continuous power for the most demanding off-grid applications. Initial field tests of the Renogy X PowerTower™ reduced system installation time up to 35% while cutting equipment and labor costs by $2,300 for an average system.

“We’re excited to launch the Renogy X PowerTower™ as a part of our commitment to being at the cutting edge of innovation, and helping our installers provide the best value to households,” said Josh Schlipp, president of Renogy X. “Our mission is to make energy independence accessible to all by delivering the very best products and experience.”

The company will also debut the Renogy X EV charger, which integrates seamlessly into the Renogy X product ecosystem and marks a significant move in advancing residential solar capabilities. Users will experience high-speed charging with the Renogy X EV Charger, offering 240V AC/50A (12kW) output and adjustable current from 6A to 50A for tailored charging.

Renogy X PowerTower™ is set to debut in May 2024. Anyone attending RE+ September 11-14, 2023 in Las Vegas can get an exclusive sneak peek at a prototype by visiting Booth #5970 in The Venetian Convention & Expo Center.

To learn more information about Renogy X, go to Homeowners can use the site’s Instant Quote feature to receive a custom project quote in seconds by entering their address and utility bill information. From there, they can lock in a price with just a small, refundable deposit. A dedicated Renogy X Customer Success Specialist will then help them make any desired customization and get their installation scheduled.

“This all-in-one system is the future. It conserves space and looks great in my garage, while providing my family with reliable home backup. Highly recommended,” said Jennifer T. of Chino, CA, a Renogy X pilot customer.

About Renogy X

Renogy X is a home energy provider created to break through the industry’s biggest challenges. The new company is powered by Renogy, the leader in off-grid solar for more than a decade.

Renogy X is the first manufacturer to sell direct-to-consumer using sophisticated e-commerce and digital project management. The result is solar and storage projects with impactfully improved customer experience, lower cost, and shorter turnarounds.

In addition to providing a better solar-buying experience for consumers, the company is creating new opportunities for installers to become part of the Renogy X network, and for dealers to sell complete Renogy X systems to their own customers using the company's industry-leading sales, project planning and management tools.

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