Redgate to hit ten US cities on its ‘Database DevOps Rocks’ tour

The 'Database DevOps' Rocks tour will be arriving in 10 US cities from Houston to Seattle. (Photo: Business Wire)

CAMBRIDGE, England--()--In a move designed to demonstrate how accessible Database DevOps truly is, Redgate Software announced today its ‘Database DevOps Rocks’ tour, which will land in 10 cities across eight US states.

As the leading vendor of Database DevOps tools and solutions enabling individuals, organizations and enterprises to include the database in their DevOps line-up, Redgate is embarking on the 12,700-mile road trip to put Database DevOps at center stage for developers, DBAs, and anyone interested in learning more about STEM and what you can really do with SQL.

Launching in Houston, TX, on Thursday, August 24, and culminating in a final performance at the PASS Data Community Summit in Seattle, WA, in November, the tour will focus on Redgate’s three biggest hits: Database DevOps In a Day, Flying First Class With Flyway, and Shaking It Up With SQL.

Database DevOps in a Day will appeal to a more mainstream audience of developers and DBAs who are into standardized development, automated deployments, test data management, and performance monitoring. Weaving together these four strands of Database DevOps shows how they can flow smoothly across the development process.

Flying First Class with Flyway will bring Flyway User Group Meetups into the arena by demonstrating that simplifying and standardizing migrations across 30+ database types is just the hook for this immensely popular tool. On a deeper level, it will resonate with those who want to automate database deployments across teams and technologies, from version control to continuous delivery.

Shaking It Up With SQL is the rebel on the ‘Database DevOps Rocks’ tour. Turning away from the conventional, it’s about increasing enthusiasm for women in the tech industry. A different rhythm and a different voice too, with a free community workshop aimed at women who want to learn more about STEM, the fundamentals of SQL, and what you can do really with code when you shake things up a little.

As David Gummer, Redgate CPO and a big fan of Database DevOps, comments: “By touring the US, we’re hoping to demonstrate that Database DevOps is one of the unsung heroes of DevOps. It makes software development smoother, it works across all of the databases IT teams work with today, and coding with SQL can be interesting and fun for anyone. It’s also fitting that the tour ends at the biggest database community gathering of the year, the PASS Data Community Summit in Seattle.”

Steve Jones, Redgate Advocate Microsoft Data Platform MVP, notes: “This is going to be a blast. I’m often on the road, talking at conferences, events, and meetups, and now we get to go more in-depth and answer questions and let more people hear much more about DevOps. It’s the opportunity to inform and entertain hundreds of data professionals in a lot of different places.”

After kicking off in Houston, the tour will roll through Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, San Diego and San Francisco before finally reaching Seattle. Full details of the tour dates and venues can be found at

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Meghana Shendrikar
Allison+Partners for Redgate Software

Release Summary

To demonstrate how accessible Database DevOps is, Redgate has announced its ‘Database DevOps Rocks’ tour, landing in 10 cities and eight US states.


Meghana Shendrikar
Allison+Partners for Redgate Software