Curative Expands Revolutionary No Copay, No Deductible* Health Insurance Plan to the Dallas Metro Area

Curative’s Approach Addresses Issues Identified from Recent Survey Highlighting the Negative Impacts of Traditional High Deductible Health Plans on Health and Financial Well-being

DALLAS--()--Curative Insurance Company, a pioneering healthcare services company, is excited to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking, no copay, no deductible health plan* to the Dallas metro area. This revolutionary health insurance offering will now serve employers in all of the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex, as well as extend coverage to their employees nationwide. Curative is committed to cost transparency and zero* out-of-pocket costs, aiming to improve the overall health and well-being of Dallas residents through its unique health plan.

In addition, Curative recently commissioned a survey (conducted through Reservoir Communications Group©) of residents in the Dallas metro area enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance plans** to understand how healthcare costs affect their choices in seeking care. The survey revealed the challenges faced by insured Dallas residents showing that affordability concerns are leading to delayed or avoided care, potentially impacting health outcomes.

More than half (51%) say they can't afford out-of-pocket (OOP) costs, including 33% who say they would have to tap into savings or credit cards to cover the cost-sharing burdens placed on them by their insurer. A staggering 40% of respondents deferred seeking medical care in the last year due to financial concerns, while 48% did not adhere to prescribed medications because of out-of-pocket costs, despite having employer-sponsored health insurance. These troubling trends have motivated Curative to expand its fully-insured option to alleviate the financial burdens on Dallas residents seeking quality healthcare.

"Our ambition at Curative is to provide a better choice in health insurance that genuinely supports the well-being of our members," said Fred Turner, co-founder, and CEO of Curative. "The survey results underscore the urgent need for change in the current employer-based health insurance landscape. We are proud to offer an inclusive solution with cost transparency and no out-of-pocket expenses, empowering our members to prioritize their health without financial constraints."

The Curative health plan offers comprehensive coverage, encompassing wellness, preventive care, mental and behavioral health services, primary and specialty care, office and hospital visits, prescription drugs, and telemedicine, all accessible through a high-quality, PPO network. To continue to qualify for the extensive list of benefits without any OOP costs, members simply need to complete a baseline visit within 120 days of the plan's effective date, granting them $0 copays and $0 deductibles for all in-network healthcare services. This innovative approach eliminates financial barriers and ensures easy access to essential healthcare services.

Employers headquartered in Dallas with 51 or more eligible employees nationwide can now take advantage of the Curative plan, which offers access to over 1 million providers nationwide, ensuring comprehensive coverage for their workforce. This expansion follows Curative's successful implementation of the fully-insured benefit in the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio metro areas, as well as the availability of a level-funded plan throughout Texas. Curative has already established one of the largest provider networks in the Dallas area, further supported by a broad nationwide network of healthcare professionals, offering extensive choices for members seeking care.

Curative, known for its exceptional service and dedication to member well-being, has been a key player in the fight against COVID-19 as the largest testing company in the nation. With the launch of this pioneering health insurance plan, Curative enters a new phase of growth, solidifying its position as a leader in transforming the healthcare landscape.

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​​*Every Curative member qualifies for the $0 deductible, $0 copay for in-network care and preferred prescriptions by completing a Baseline Visit within 120 days of the plan effective date. See to learn more. Curative Insurance Company PPO.

**To ensure the representation of key demographic variables, quotas were applied when selecting the sample, and the final data was weighted using the latest Census data through a post-stratification, RIM weighting methodology across demographic variables. The sample included 401 insured adults aged 18 years and above residing in the Dallas MSA who voluntarily took part in the survey.

About Curative

Curative is a leading healthcare services company that has created and launched a first-of-its-kind employer-based health insurance plan with an AM-Best rating of A-. Co-founded by CEO Fred Turner and CTO Isaac Turner (no relation) in 2020, Curative is reengineering health insurance by providing unmatched simplicity and cost transparency with a competitive monthly premium and zero additional costs*. Curative is remaking our healthcare system into one that works for and supports members’ whole health and well-being through every step of their personal health journey. Previously, Curative and its managed medical entities were national leaders bringing COVID-19 testing and vaccine-administration resources to bear in response to the pandemic. For more information on Curative, visit, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Pasquale Gianni


Pasquale Gianni