Fanttik Unveils the X9 Tire Inflator: The Ideal Solution for Motorbikes, Bicycles, and Small Vehicles

HOUSTON--()--After the immense success of its flagship tire inflators, Fanttik is broadening its horizon through the launch of the immensely versatile Fanttik X9 tire inflator, which is specifically engineered for motorbikes, bicycles, and small cars. In its pursuit to offer the best and the most value-oriented automotive accessories, the multiple award-winning brand, Fanttik, has delivered once again. It comes as a cutting-edge engineering boon for bikers and small car owners.

The Fanttik X9 Tire Inflator has been meticulously crafted to embody precision and convenience, effectively tackling the prevailing challenges encountered by motorbike, bicycle, and small car owners in tire inflation. Whether embarking on an extensive bike ride, organizing a road trip with a compact vehicle, or merely safeguarding the integrity of their daily commute, the Fanttik X9 Tire Inflator presents a trustworthy and effective resolution without compromise.

The newest addition to the acclaimed line of tire inflators from Fanttik sports several unique features making it a standout product in the market.

Firstly, it is cordless yet uncompromising in fast inflation. It can fill up tires at 17 liters per minute and reach a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. It works like a charm for various inflatables such as small cars, motorcycles, bikes, and even sports equipment like floats, air mattresses, and balls. In fact, it can refill a motorcycle tire (going from 28 PSI to 36 PSI) in just 36 seconds and fully inflate it (0-36 PSI) in only two minutes.

Next, Fanttik’s flagship inflator – the X8 Apex’s smart on/off hose design trickles down to the Fanttik X9. This intelligent hose design automatically turns on when the user takes it out from the panel, making it intuitive and convenient. Plus, it has an automatic shut-off feature after three minutes of non-use. So, it bids farewell to worries about accidental touches or overinflation.

Its smart presets take away the bulk of manual maneuvering of tire inflation and offers a seamless experience for the user. More precisely, it comes with 4+N preset modes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of cars, motorcycles, bikes, and balls. These presets have been thoughtfully designed to simplify the inflation process, particularly for those new to tire maintenance. For individuals who prefer greater customization, the X9 also features a manual mode, allowing precise pressure adjustment. With the utmost safety assurance, the inflator automatically ceases operation when the tire pressure reaches the preset value, mitigating any risk of over or under-inflation.

Regarding endurance and service life, Fanttik remained stalwart, staying true to its high-quality battery design. It is outfitted with robust built-in dual 2,000 mAh lithium batteries, eliminating the need for an additional power supply during tire inflation. This feature enhances convenience and portability, allowing anyone to inflate tires effortlessly. With its enduring power, it can provide continuous cordless inflation for up to 30 minutes. This duration is ample for refilling approximately 10 car tires on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted functionality when one needs it the most.

As always, Fanttik paid close attention to form, profile, and portability besides simply function. Weighing a mere 17 oz. (479 grams), the X9 showcases an incredibly lightweight and compact construction. This outstanding attribute makes it highly portable, akin to the size of a water bottle, establishing it as an indispensable companion for travel. It effortlessly fits into backpacks, adding no significant burden. Its compact design enables seamless storage, ensuring users can conveniently carry it along without experiencing any undue fatigue.

“Since our best-selling and award-winning flagship inflator X8 Apex is designed more towards sedans and EVs, we are excited to offer a tailor-made tire inflator with similar top-notch engineering for bikers, cyclists and smaller car owners at an affordable price – that is the Fanttik X9,” said Bo Du, CEO of Fanttik. He added, “This launch is particularly special to us because it upholds our mission to cater to all segments of the automotive enthusiasts and everyday drivers.”

About Fanttik

Fanttik is a youthful, dynamic brand dedicated to automotive, outdoor, and sports products that cater to every need for the perfect adventure. In a short span of time, it has garnered extreme acclaim from automotive enthusiasts, social media influencers, digital media, and consumers. It has earned the internationally revered Red Dot Design Award multiple times and the prestigious IF Design Award. Its products have been reviewed by a myriad of esteemed YouTubers, such as Donut Media, Samcrac, and Silver Cymbal, to name a few. Their inflator model won the revered SEMA Global Media Awards 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. Fostering the motto of “We explore, we innovate, and we make it happen,” Fanttik has brought trailblazing experience in inflation technology into the competitive automotive arena.

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