Lighthouse Labs Releases New Student Outcomes Report, Finds Canada’s Tech Ecosystem Is Still Healthy

Despite tech industry turmoil, 85% of 2022 graduates found employment in relevant tech roles

TORONTO--()--Lighthouse Labs, a tech education leader, released results from its 2022 Student Outcomes Report. The report highlights employment outcomes from its Web Development, Data Science, and Cyber Security bootcamps, including graduation rates, employment status and average starting salaries of alumni. The Lighthouse Labs Career Services team supported over 570 graduates looking for jobs from January 2022 to March 2023.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate rapidly across every industry, the findings from our Student Outcomes Report demonstrate that regardless of external economic disruptions, there will always be opportunities for skilled tech professionals,” said Jeremy Shaki, CEO of Lighthouse Labs. “At Lighthouse Labs, we’ll continue to look for innovative ways to support the next generation of tech talent and provide high-quality tech education that’s accessible to all. We’ve recently rolled out our Flex Initiative across all programs so that students can tailor their learning experience to fit their personal circumstances. We look forward to helping transform the lives and careers of many more students in the future.”

Despite economic and seasonal downturns in 2022, Canada is still facing a digital skills talent shortage. Lighthouse Labs students continue to achieve a high rate of success post-graduation, with 85% of 2022 graduates securing relevant tech roles, and 82% doing so in the first 180 days after graduation. The total average starting salary for 2022 alumni was $58,549.

These findings highlight the fact that roles in Data Science, Web Development, and Cyber Security are still in high demand, and there is an ongoing need for skilled workers. Key findings from the 2022 Student Outcomes Report include:

Web Development
Even as global challenges impacted the tech sector, Web Development graduates secured jobs in relevant roles, and 82% did so within 180 days of job searching. Demand for skilled workers remains high, with thousands of job openings for web developer roles across Canada.

  • 99% of the web development grads who found employment did so in full-time roles as opposed to internships or co-ops
    • 85% of job-seeking web development alumni were placed in a role during the job searching cycle
  • $58,245.58: The average starting salary for web development alumni

Cyber Security
In 2022, there was a rise in cyber security breaches and incidents, costing businesses across the country several million dollars on average. Organizations are beginning to understand the importance of cyber security and are taking steps to bolster their defence, leading to an increased demand for skilled cyber security professionals.

  • 100% of hired cyber security grads found full-time employment: No one was placed in an internship or co-op placement
    • 89% of job-seeking cyber security alumni were placed in a role during the job-searching cycle
  • $56,520.00: The average starting salary for cyber security alumni

Data Science
Data roles are amongst the most in-demand jobs across every industry. In today’s digitized world, everything we do can be broken down into data points. Businesses are utilizing data to increase earning potential and make important decisions, and the demand for skilled data professionals is set to rise exponentially.

  • 98% of data science grads who found employment did so in full-time roles as opposed to internships or co-ops
    • 86% of job-seeking data science alumni were placed in a role during the job-searching cycle
  • $60,780.55: The average starting salary for data science alumni

The world of tech is booming, and there are a lot of opportunities — but you need to have a passion for it,” said Meghan Hein, Lighthouse Labs alumna and Full Stack Developer. “Lighthouse Labs allowed me to find a career that provided me with everything I was looking for in a job: stability and job security, remote opportunities, and greater earning potential. It's incredibly empowering to be able to create and build technology that has real-world impact. The tech sector is fast-paced and there are so many ways to grow and continue learning, so it never gets old.”

Learn more about the findings of the 2022 Student Outcomes Report here. For more information about Lighthouse Labs, please visit

About Lighthouse Labs
Lighthouse Labs is a leading tech education company that empowers individuals to transform their lives through hard work and dedication. With a supportive and collaborative environment, Lighthouse Labs is committed to actively addressing the digital skills gap and ensuring that technological change is an opportunity for all through the support of equity-deserving groups. In its 10th year, the company has equipped over 40,000 students with the competencies, skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation and change, with full-time and part-time programs in cyber security, data science, data analytics, web development and more. Through a purpose-driven approach to learning and a team of passionate, expert instructors and mentors, Lighthouse Labs unlocks and nurtures each student’s potential to help launch their bright and prosperous futures. For more information about its programs, please visit


Logan Findlay
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Logan Findlay
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