Presto Foundation to Hold Free, Virtual PrestoCon Day June 7

Event Celebrates Use Cases from the Open Source Community

--()--Presto Foundation:

Who: Presto Foundation is the organization that oversees the development of Presto, the open source SQL engine for data analytics and the open lakehouse. Presto Foundation is hosted at the Linux Foundation, a gold standard governing organization for open-source projects.

What: The annual PrestoCon Day brings together Presto users and developers from organizations around the globe. Participants share their Presto innovations and tell how Presto is used at their companies.

When: Wednesday, June 7, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

Why PrestoCon Day:

  • Highlight how different companies use Presto in innovative ways to solve complex data challenges
  • Foster a strong, supportive community around the open source Presto project
  • Showcase new features, use cases and best practices for Presto

Schedule highlights:

  • Adobe will present on “How Adobe Advertising uses Presto for Ad Hoc Query, Customer Reporting and Internal Pipelines.”
  • Alibaba will discuss “Query Performance Optimization” at the company’s Log Analytics Service.
  • Bolt will talk about “Implementing Lakehouse Architecture with Presto.”
  • TikTok and Alluxio will present jointly on the topic, “Speeding up Presto in TikTok.”

How to attend: Attendees can register for the free, virtual event and access the schedule at:

About the Presto Foundation

A member of the Linux Foundation, the Presto Foundation is a non-profit that supports Presto, an open-source distributed SQL query engine initially developed at Facebook (now Meta) and known for its performance and scalability. The Presto Foundation operates under an open governance model that promotes transparency, collaboration and community-driven decision-making. Dozens of companies use Presto, including Adobe, Bytedance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel, Meta, Tencent and Uber.


Ali LeClerc, Presto Foundation,, Colleen Martell, Martell Communications,



Ali LeClerc, Presto Foundation,, Colleen Martell, Martell Communications,