ManukaGuard Founder Calls for General Public to “Wash Your Hands and Wash Your Nose” to Reduce Absenteeism

MONTEREY, Calif.--()--In the face of record work and school absenteeism numbers in America due to illness, Gavin Gear, the founder, president and CEO of ManukaGuard, the nation’s leading provider of natural, medical grade manuka honey products, is calling for families to be more diligent in “washing your nose” like you wash your hands.

According to the CDC, absenteeism costs businesses $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee. Whether COVID-related or not, absenteeism has become a costly issue for businesses, with more employees missing work in 2022 than pre-COVID.

“$225.8 billion is a staggering amount of lost production money that could be used to invest in other areas of business, such as employee training and development, or to increase wages and benefits,” said Gear. “This statistic serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of addressing employee absenteeism in order to ensure the long-term success of any business. Based on years of research, the key to reducing common illnesses that cause employees to miss work is to maintain a clean and healthy nasal immune eco-system, reducing exposure to bugs that cause sickness .”

“It’s solution is simple,” continued Gear. “Just as we’ve always been taught to wash our hands to prevent spread of illness, we need to also learn to ‘wash’ our noses. Published research substantiates that clean and moisturized sinuses can lead to significant reduction of infection in the nose and a healthier body overall. And just as the nose is the portal to illness for a person, children tend to be the portal to illness for a family. Most young mothers and fathers who have missed work due to sick days likely caught illness from children. By protecting kids from common illnesses by strengthening their immune systems, we are, in turn, protecting entire families and ultimately reducing absenteeism. Specifically, a sinus nasal spray containing medical grade manuka honey from New Zealand, may help. The nose requires a special cleaning and this honey, carried in a saline formulation, is a superior cleaner than saline alone.”

Gear and his team at ManukaGuard spent 14 years developing the ideal manuka honey formulation and delivery system for children and adults to be able to clean and moisturize their sinus passages. The Medical Grade Manuka Honey Sinus Spray is now available nationwide.

ManukaGuard offers wellness products powered by medical grade manuka honey – the food version of which has been used by Māori people for centuries to treat various health conditions. ManukaGuard produces line of natural wellness products containing pure medical grade manuka honey, includes the uniquely formulated nasal spray, a cough & throat syrup, pots of edible, medical grade manuka honey of varying strengths, and more.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about protecting kids,” concluded Gear. “That in turn will keep entire families healthy and far less work will be missed.”

Believers in the science of nature and the body’s innate ability to heal itself, ManukaGuard develops innovative health and wellness products that are science-based, all-natural and safe. Committed to providing natural alternatives to conventional personal care products at an affordable price, ManukaGuard is devoted to the health of the planet and the welfare of its people. For more information visit or follow on FB and IG.


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