Kasheesh’s Payment Splitting Platform Generates One-Time Use Card for In-Store Shopping

Free payment-splitting platform that allows shoppers to use any combination of debit, credit and gift card creates uniquely generated one-time use mobile VISA card for in-store purchases, optimizing rewards and points

NEW YORK--()--Today Kasheesh, the first to market digital payment platform that allows anyone to split payment for online purchases across multiple combinations of debit and credit cards for free, introduces Mobile Wallet Dashboard, its first mobile wallet feature. The Mobile Wallet Dashboard allows anyone with a Kasheesh account to generate a one-time use VISA card to use anywhere at brick and mortar retailers that accept mobile payments.

Kasheesh is the first platform to take advantage of splitting payments, a decades-long brick & mortar hack, and bringing it online. As the first online payment platform to split purchases between debit, credit and prepaid/gift cards, Kasheesh has now introduced its first product feature to be used in store, IRL. The Mobile Wallet Dashboard allows users to add their Kasheesh account to their mobile devices, which generates a unique card number every time they use it for in-store purchases. Similar to how Kasheesh gives more power back to the shopper to maximize rewards across cards when making online purchases, this new Dashboard feature allows the same experience and reward optimization its digital experience provides across the cards.

In 2022’s Mobile Shopping Report, 79% of Generation Z and 77% of Millennials said they are shopping more often with their mobile devices. As mobile wallets have become more popular and often even the primary method to purchase goods, access to secure payment details and better control of which cards are used becomes crucial. It becomes even more important when users are looking to maximize card rewards across their cards versus forced to selectively choose just one per purchase.

“We couldn’t be more excited to get our ground-breaking technology in the actual hands of users when they need it most, shopping on the go, dealing with unexpected situations on the fly, and sharing their card number in physical locations,” said Kasheesh co-founder and CEO Sam Miller.

Kasheesh believes consumers should have tailored financing options on purchases versus being forced to select just one source of available funds. Kasheesh’s free platform helps U.S.-based consumers across three spending areas: reduced cost burden on individual cards per purchase, assisting in sustainably building credit scores and card rewards by utilizing any combination of cards versus just one, and maximizing financial privacy through Kasheesh’s unique auto-generation of a new encrypted VISA card number to use per purchase.

“For several years consumers have been consistently telling us they want the freedom to shop and move money from the palm of their hands,” said Kasheesh’s head of product, Pat Flahive. “With Kasheesh’s first in market mobile one-time use card, users can have the convenience of carrying their whole wallet of credit, debit, and gift cards on the go, with the security of not bringing a single card with them! This adds to the unparalleled flexibility that Kasheesh already offers with its proprietary payment splitting technology.”

Kasheesh is currently only available in the U.S. For more information and to sign up, please visit https://www.kasheesh.co/ and follow us on social media: Instagram: @kasheesh.pay, Twitter: @kasheeshpay and on LinkedIn.

About Kasheesh:
Kasheesh represents a new era for payments. Kasheesh is a first-to-market digital payment platform that allows anyone to split payment for online purchases across multiple debit and credit cards in any way they want, for free. We believe any shopper regardless of income and credit score should be able to consolidate spending power across their spending cards in order to optimize rewards and build credit with real-time transactional intelligence. More importantly, we believe unlocking the full potential of debit and credit cards will help consumers everywhere make more responsible spending decisions powered by analytics.


Chris Prouty, Chatter Republic for Kasheesh

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Free payment-splitting platform generates one-time use mobile wallet VISA card for in-store purchases, optimizing rewards and points across cards.

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Chris Prouty, Chatter Republic for Kasheesh