Curative’s Employer-Based Health Benefits Offering Now Available Across The State of Texas

Curative is Now Offering a Level-Funded Employer-Based No Copay, No Deductible Health Insurance Plan* throughout the State of Texas

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Curative, a leading health services company that recently launched Curative Insurance Company with a fully-insured health plan in the Austin metro area, is now expanding its health plan options to include a level-funded plan for employers throughout the state of Texas after recently receiving approval for its stop-loss policy.

Curative's level-funding options give employers the flexibility of self-insurance together with the financial security of stable monthly premiums found in a fully-insured plan. An important component of level-funding is stop-loss insurance, which protects employers against the financial risk of large claims. If claim costs are higher than expected, stop-loss insurance provides coverage for unexpected additional costs. For years when claim costs are less than expected, the employer can share in the proceeds in the form of a rebate.

“Our ability to offer level-funded plans will make Curative’s revolutionary health insurance model available for smaller and mid-sized businesses across Texas. With this new approval, thousands of businesses can now offer employees the same innovative, high-quality Curative health insurance on a self-funded plan that includes $0 copays and $0 deductibles for all in-network care*,” said Fred Turner, CEO of Curative. “We are excited and proud to grow our presence across Texas so members can focus solely on their health and seek care when they need it.”

All Curative plans offer members extensive choice via a high-quality PPO network of providers and true transparency with zero costs for in-network healthcare services, including primary and specialty care, telemedicine, urgent care, and leading hospital facilities. The Curative plan covers wellness, preventive care, mental and behavioral health, and prescription drugs. Curative’s health plan eliminates the financial barriers for patients accessing health insurance by offering no-cost services with the completion of a baseline visit. To qualify for $0 copays and deductibles for all doctors, hospitals, and other providers in its network, members need to complete the Baseline Visit within 120 days after enrollment. With the completion of the annual Baseline Visit and one competitive monthly premium, all members get free access to in-network healthcare services.

In addition to the level-funded plan, Curative’s fully insured benefit offering continues to expand as well. Recent approval in the San Antonio metro area expands Curative’s geographic scope to serve employers across 20 counties in the Austin and San Antonio regions with plans to expand the fully-insured option statewide in the near future.

Curative’s new health plan represents its next phase of growth and is the primary focus of the company following its successes as one of the nation’s largest COVID-19 testing companies. To learn more about Curative and its new healthcare plan, visit

About Curative

Curative is a leading health care services company with an AM-Best rating of A- that has created and launched a first-of-its-kind employer-based health insurance plan. Co-founded by CEO Fred Turner and CTO Isaac Turner (no relation) in 2020, Curative is reengineering health insurance by providing unmatched simplicity and cost transparency with a competitive monthly premium and zero additional costs*. Curative is remaking our healthcare system into one that works for and supports members’ whole health and well-being through every step of their personal health journey. Previously, Curative and its managed medical entities were national leaders bringing COVID-19 testing and vaccine-administration resources to bear in response to the pandemic. For more information on Curative, visit, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

*To qualify, members need to complete a Baseline Visit within 120 days of the plan's effective date, which kicks off support of the member’s well-being through every step of their health journey.


Pasquale Gianni


Pasquale Gianni