Cordoniq Reinvents Enterprise Video Conferencing & Virtual Collaboration with Secure, Smart Platform

Delivers innovative and secure ways for organizations to seamlessly communicate and collaborate via a private branded user experience

SYRACUSE, N.Y.--()--Cordoniq, the secure, smart enterprise video collaboration platform, announced today that it has officially launched to address enterprise business needs beyond standard legacy video conferencing software and toward truly secure video collaboration solutions. Cordoniq provides custom interfaces that frees organizations from privacy issues, broken APIs and meeting rooms expiring. The experts at Cordoniq can deliver a customized video collaboration platform for private, hybrid cloud to meet all these needs and more.

Cordoniq is designed to integrate into businesses in a way that makes the experience feel as if it is seamlessly blended into the overall environment. Customize the video collaboration platform to reflect a brand and leverage a tech stack to deliver a cohesive meeting experience for clients and employees. While there are many products and services in the marketplace that provide a retail, general-use meeting experience, most were designed as a user application first – with capabilities for control, security, API management and integration added as an afterthought.

Protect company and client proprietary information with up and beyond U.S. military-grade security, privacy and control over video conferencing and collaboration. Cordoniq has taken an entirely different approach by making every aspect of the service available through APIs that are easy to use and integrate. The system administrator can easily manage any part of the user experience.

“Rather than a generic meeting service, we’ve created an enterprise-class, video conferencing and collaboration platform-as-a-service model – one that is entirely API driven to directly interact with virtually anything in your tech stack,” said Allen Drennan, Co-Founder & Principal, Cordoniq, Inc. “Cordoniq frees participants and presenters from the frustrations of toggling between their apps and a retail video conferencing user interface.”

Customized platform implementation

Most retail meeting software relies on cloud servers that are controlled by the service provider and not the customer. As a result, users end up having little control over where their content, video, recordings, and audio is transported and stored, leaving the hosting company responsible for protecting users’ private information and data from cybercriminals and malicious actors.

Cordoniq’s platform offers the ability to deploy modules on the network or cloud server, providing better control, scale, availability, and protection over company and customer proprietary information:


  • The platform is elastic, with the ability to grow or shrink on-demand to meet needs
  • Integrates easily into existing cloud data centers to leverage scale
  • Spans processors and nodes, and fully leverages the CPU cores of host machines
  • Scales horizontally and infinitely because all modules are stateless


  • The platform uses industry-accepted practices for encryption, such as TLS 1.3 for video and DTLS for voice.
  • Allows control over key bit depth and cipher strength for up to and beyond military-grade requirements
  • Leverages latest OAuth models for person-to-person and machine-to-machine communications
  • Provides true end-to-end encryption for all meeting participants regardless of device, including mobile


  • The Cordoniq platform gives organizations control over licensing and the entire room experience
  • Deploy backend modules into a secure cloud
  • Distribute modules to create failover and load balanced, fault tolerant implementations, as well as geo-located servers for maximum performance
  • Control every aspect of the user experience using platform APIs
  • Delivers an API-driven solution so all elements of the experience are controlled in the developer portal or a host-control application
  • Customize the features and capabilities that are presented to the attendees in meetings
  • Decouple licensing to prevent potential security issues with overlapping meetings trying to use the same room

Customer Raves

According to Tim Feng, COO, PEC Inc. (Progressive Expert Consulting), “We needed a secure collaboration platform solution that we could control and would also meet our stringent requirements for military-grade security. It has to be private, so we can choose how and where to install any components as well as pass the critical encryption requirements for sensitive operations.”

About Cordoniq

Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, Cordoniq is the secure, smart enterprise video collaboration platform offering ‘concierge’ custom open standards-based API integration for just about anything in your tech stack. Whatever apps an organization utilizes, Cordoniq can integrate them into a single, seamless, custom-branded video collaboration solution that delivers a premium, secure, conference experience to its clients.

Trusted by the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, Special Operations Forces, and the National Guard, Cordoniq provides any level of video conferencing security.

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Brenda Christensen
Stellar PR


Brenda Christensen
Stellar PR