iFREE Teams Up With U Mobile To Showcase Next-Gen Technology via TROLLEE P1 at Smart Nation Expo 2022

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HONG KONG--()--iFREE GROUP, a global smart technology and connectivity company, teamed up with U Mobile, an award-winning mobile and digital services company from Malaysia, to showcase TROLLEE P1, their first-generation smart shopping cart, at the Smart Nation Expo 2022 which was held at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Kuala Lumpur.

TROLLEE P1 was featured as part of U Mobile’s Smart Retail booth at the Smart Nation Expo and it marked the first time that the smart shopping cart was showcased in a Malaysian exhibition. Beyond this, iFREE GROUP and U Mobile have further plans to collaborate and introduce more smart retail innovations that will benefit both the Malaysian retail industry as well as consumers.

TROLLEE P1 is the first generation of smart shopping cart developed by iFREE GROUP, providing integrated unmanned solutions to streamline retailer’s operation flow, and to enhance customer in-store shopping experience. It is compact and lightweight, plug-and-play, and can be adapted to more than 80% of shopping carts on the global market. With features such as wide applicability and low cost of installation, it has been favoured and trusted by many large supermarket chains worldwide since its launch.

For customers, TROLLEE P1 is the best smart shopping assistant, featuring a series of intuitive functions that offer customers an easier and more engaging in-store journey, such as indoor positioning, shopping route planning, e-vouchers, self-checkout, etc., making shopping easier and more enjoyable.

TROLLEE is committed to revolutionising the current supermarket retail environment and consumer behaviour by bridging the gap between the online and offline (O2O) customer journey seamlessly. Enabled by proprietary hardware and software, TROLLEE allows retailers to acquire a better understanding of their customers' shopping patterns and preferences, at the same time, delivering a faster, safer, more engaging and smarter shopping experience when customers shop, including pre-arrival and post-arrival stages.

With the smart shopping cart, retailers can quickly establish an e-membership system, where consumer shopping habits, interaction behaviours, shopping preferences and product preferences will be recorded in the customer data centre (CDP) in the form of tags, filling the consumer data gaps in offline scenarios and generating a panoramic user portrait of members. Based on these user portraits, personalised marketing content will be pushed to the right customers at the right moment.

The built-in highly accurate positioning system enables TROLLEE to understand the path consumers take and the length of stay around each shelf. Based on these data and through big data analysis, the products that consumers may be interested in can be predicted and relevant marketing content will be accurately pushed. At the same time, all data will be displayed in real time through the TROLLEE Data Dash Board, which increases efficiency for the retailer and lower operational costs. Retailers may also improve and speed up their decision-making processes on the basis of outputs derived from big data analysis and optimisation.

TROLLEE’s mission is to enable retailers to concentrate on building customer loyalty through intelligent and seamless customer interactions, whilst creating new and enhancing existing revenue streams.

As TROLLEE grows in size and influence, TROLLEE is ready to make inroads in the global market as well. With iFREE global offices in key locations worldwide, TROLLEE is able to provide clients with comprehensive products and services. In addition to the Smart Nation Expo in Malaysia, TROLLEE has previously showcased at Qualcomm's Smart Cities Accelerate 2021, in San Diego, and the NRF 2022 in New York, and has received unanimous approval from the industry.

"What TROLLEE is building is an omni-channel marketing solution for the global retail industry, and we have already achieved some success and recognition in China," said Soh Wei Hong, CTO of iFREE GROUP, "With the help of our global partners, we believe TROLLEE will soon be seen in more regions worldwide."


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