The People’s Ecosystem Launches Toci Treats with Unlokt™

Cleaner, Safer, More Predictable Edible by Legacy BIPOC Women Using Novel Protein Delivery Technology

SAN FRANCISCO--()--The People’s Ecosystem, a BIPOC women-owned cannabis conglomerate fighting for social-economic equity, today announced the Toci Treats™ powered by Unlokt™ from Day Three Labs (DTL), the first proven novel protein delivery technology disrupting the way edibles are developed, delivered and consumed, for a new kind of edibles experience. Toci Treats will be available on November 1 at a variety of dispensaries in California.

Toci Treats leverages Unlokt™ technology with its decades of pharmaceutical research and expertise and applies it to cannabis innovation that will soon replace emulsion-based delivery systems used by edibles manufacturers across the industry. The Unlokt™ technology packs cannabis within a natural protein that, for the first time, shuttles the cannabis directly into the body's circulation, protecting the cannabinoids and terpenes and allowing them to be released and absorbed into the bloodstream in their entirety. By leveraging Unlokt™, Toci Treats™ is a cleaner, safer, and more predictable edible experience that brings consumers and patients closer to the plant, making people’s lives and experience with it better and healthier.

“As a chronically ill person, I have been looking for the ability to create clean and sound edibles for the largest market in California. Time and time again, I have been disappointed at what was available to us to create the products we wanted to see in the market,” said Christine De La Rosa, CEO of The People’s Ecosystem. “Partnering with Day Three Labs to use Unlokt™ allows us to bring the most cutting-edge product to market, serving both recreational and medical markets. We are ready to bring this product to our market in California and beyond.”

“We chose The People’s Ecosystem to launch the first edible in California with Unlokt™ because of our shared mission to provide access to the highest quality cannabis products to everyone, especially those who have been most impacted by the War on Drugs,” said Josh Rubin, co-founder, and CEO of Day Three Labs. “Part of bringing equity and opportunity to marginalized communities is ensuring BIPOC and women-led cannabis operators have easy and affordable access to technology like Unlokt™, bringing competitive products to market that are cleaner, safer, and more predictable.”

The People’s Cannabis will be the first brand in California to use this revolutionary edible industry disruptor. For more information on Toci Treats and dispensary locations, please visit

About The People’s Ecosystem

Grounded on the intrinsic value of cannabis culture, The People’s Ecosystem actively promotes equity in the cannabis industry in a way that authentically reflects the plant’s diverse history. With a particular interest in BIPOC and women-led companies, TPE focuses on bringing equity and opportunity to marginalized communities by helping companies through their experience and network to canna-entrepreneurs.

About Day Three Labs

Day Three Labs™ (DTL) is a cannabinoid CPG ingredient manufacturer specializing in the development and commercialization of novel cannabis product solutions. An international company with headquarters in Denver and a pharmaceutical research lab in Israel, DTL reimagines existing cannabis offerings with pharmaceutical-grade technology and innovation like Unlokt™ to deliver precision and predictability to the infused product experience. Without any synthetic ingredients or surfactants, Unlokt™ preserves the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids in every strain, resulting in a highly functional, and very pleasurable experience that enhances the lives of consumers and patients.