Fresh off $46m Fund Raise, N3TWORK Studios Unveils Web3 RPG Legendary: Heroes Unchained

Games Industry Veterans Will Prove What Is Possible With NFT-First, Web3 Gaming

Join the Discord Community for Your Chance to Own Your Legend

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fresh off the announcement of a $46M funding round, Web3 games company N3TWORK Studios has unveiled RPG hero collector Legendary: Heroes Unchained (LHU). Composed of a team of industry veterans who've made games at EA, Double Fine, Disney, Marvel, Zynga, Activision and more, N3TWORK Studios is bringing their expertise in making deep, social, hero collecting games to the blockchain. This new entry into the smash hit Legendary universe will take familiar heroes and gorgeous art from the world of Korelis and use it to redefine fun in the world of Web3 gaming.

"As proven experts in free-to-play, Web2 gaming, we believe that Web3 marks an exciting, inevitable, and player-first evolution that will put the power of digital ownership into the hands of our community," said Matt Ricchetti, President of N3TWORK Studios. "We firmly believe that when players own their heroes, gear and other in-game items, games will be more fun and more fair for the players who spend endless hours strategizing with their guilds, building the ultimate collection of heroes and fighting for the top spots in the seasonal leaderboards."

With the first pre-sale of Founder's Edition NFT Heroes coming in November, the team is hard at work entertaining and growing the community of LHU fans. They have already released the first taste of LHU gameplay: a daily, dungeon-crawling minigame that is playable directly on Discord. By partaking in these daily, throwback adventures and competing for high scores, players can earn highly desirable spots in the allowlist for the Founder's NFT Mint.

For a first taste of the standard-setting hero art for LHU, players can watch the trailer here. Better yet, they can join the Discord to meet other LHU players, fight for their spot on the allowlist and be one of the first to own their legend.


N3TWORK Studios is a newly formed gaming studio whose mission is to create incredible experiences in, on, and around the blockchain. Made up of seasoned game developers from EA, Kabam, Zynga, Glu, Disney and more, the studio is rethinking how games are built, operated, marketed and financed in the wake of breakthrough web3 technology. N3TWORK Studios is working on a diverse portfolio of multiplatform titles, including Legendary Heroes Unchained and Triumph.


fortyseven communications on behalf of N3TWORK Studios

Release Summary

N3TWORK Studios’ Legendary: Heroes Unchained, is a hero collecting RPG for the blockchain based on the popular “Legendary Heroes“ for mobile.


fortyseven communications on behalf of N3TWORK Studios