Settyl Launches Industry’s First Low-code Supply Chain Visibility Platform to Lead Future Digitization

NEW YORK--()--Settyl Corporation, the tech company, just announced its newest product: a low-code platform for the logistics and supply chain industry. The next-gen platform is designed to make the creation of new business applications easier and more accessible than ever before.

In the world of shipping and logistics, your product suite differentiates between a great supply chain partner and a mediocre one. It provides the digital power and flexibility required to create a fast, reliable supply chain that can adapt to changes in demand and makes the right engaging digital experience at the right moment.

Settyl's Multi-country supply chain software suite driven by a Low-code platform is the most extensive in the industry and a comprehensive supply chain model spanning procurement, pre-shipment planning, in-transit and post-shipment phases.

The robust app provides state-of-the-art solutions for different parts of the supply chain, including pallet unit and product line item tracking, providing more granular real-time visibility.

With built-in workflow automation, Settyl automatically syncs multi-tier data engine among apps like Purchase Order Visibility, Multi-modal Shipment Visibility, Dock Scheduling, Autonomous Dispatch, and Smart Docs to deliver actionable insights and enable a sustainable shipping experience.

As an entry point, organizations can deploy Settyl's seamless and configurable supply chain suite, which unifies all customer-facing teams like procurement, dispatch, supply chain, and leadership on a single interface providing end-to-end real-time contextual intelligence.

Organizations can see tremendous successes in moving their entire operations quickly onto Settyl's Low-code supply chain visibility platform backed by 100% micro-service architecture and front-end apps running via content delivery network(CDN); users will see super-fast location-agnostic apps with unbeatable UI experience.

"Today marks a major step towards providing next-generation technological capabilities to shippers and logistics service providers, which will get rid of the need for multiple point solutions. Also, it helps Settyl to drive the 'Inclusive Digital Growth for All' mission by bringing SMBs to the digital net," said Settyl's Founder and CEO, Gokul T.

About Settyl Corporation:

Settyl is the industry's first Low-code supply chain visibility platform that helps to propel next-generation digital transformation. Settyl accelerate shippers, logistics service providers, and freight broker's businesses by providing connected solutions to digitize procurement, pre-shipment, in-transit, and post-shipment phases of the supply chain cycle.

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Deepa Balan
Program Manager

Gokul T
Founder & CEO