The Garage’s Commitment to MSSP ACOs generates $367 Per Capita Gross Savings in 2021

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--The Garage, a population health management company located in Orlando, FL, has helped its MSSP ACO partners achieve $367 Per Capita Gross Savings in 2021, which is better than the national average of $361. In addition, the MSSP entities recorded a total of $83M in gross savings and an average quality score of 89%. The Garage has achieved more than $690 million in Medicare savings in the last 6 years. The results of the NextGen ACO entities are expected sometime in October.

With a total of $3.6B in total gross savings, the 2021 cohort of MSSP ACOs has strengthened CMS's vision to have every Medicare beneficiary in an ACO by 2030, with 99% meeting quality requirements and 58% earning payments. More than 140 healthcare organizations across 33 states use the Garage’s platform, Bridge, which currently represents 19,561 providers and 15.55 million lives.

“Once again, our partnership with the Garage has been key to our massive success in 2021 with our ACOs,” said Pawan Shah, President of Select Physicians Associates ACO and Five Star ACO. “Our quality scores are amongst the best in the country as well, and we are excited to expand the use of Bridge to our new ACO providers across multiple states that include an ACO Reach in 2023.”

“MSSPs began their journey on April 1, 2012, and so did the Garage,” said Pranam Ben, Founder & CEO of the Garage. “It is just amazing to see the growth of this program which has also influenced our journey in the last 10 years. With over 11 million covered beneficiaries, MSSPs have turned out to be the most important and proven vehicle for value-driven change in healthcare.”

The Garage is currently engaged in strategic partnerships with national and global organizations to deepen its impact and empower the democratization of value-based care across all communities.

“The Garage’s track record speaks for itself,” said Armando Cardoso, CEO of PayrHealth. “They are a natural partner for us as we come together to make proactive, data-driven payor management a new standard in the industry.”

About the Garage

Based in Orlando, Florida, the Garage is a population health management technology company dedicated to changing healthcare for good … one community at a time. The company works with more than 140+ healthcare organizations and 19,500+ providers across 33 states. Through its collaborative population health management platform, Bridge, the Garage touches more than 15.5 million patient lives, allowing providers to achieve the Quadruple AIM of lower cost, better care, improved health, and improved work-life of healthcare providers. For more information, visit


Lauren Holloway