World renowned artists will join the Holy Father at the Vatican to participate in the inaugural “VITAE SUMMIT 2022”

VATICAN CITY--()--VITAE Global announced its inaugural VITAE SUMMIT 2022 to be held August 31 - September 1 at the Vatican.

Internationally renowned artists and leaders will join the Holy Father and VITAE Global to start a conversation about how to foster a culture of encounter, hope, and unity through arts, media and entertainment.

Pope Francis said, “Artists have a very important role in society: to be guardians of beauty in this world, ambassadors of the culture of encounter, and witnesses of hope for all humanity.”

Luis Quinelli said: “Globally, we are constantly receiving negative messages and stimuli via social media and our culture that can end up filling our minds and spirits with hate, frustration and division. Artists have a key responsibility to elevate the culture and that’s what the VITAE SUMMIT aspires to do.’’

“Beauty is an immensely powerful force. It can bring healing to the soul, reconciliation to relationships and renewed hope in the face of challenges. By supporting artists in their creative endeavors, VITAE Global aspires to facilitate encounters with beauty that elevate the culture.”

“To harness the art, talent and desire of so many gifted artists for the purpose of dialogue about ways in which we can restore our culture to a higher standard is at the center of the mission of this inaugural and unprecedented gathering with Pope Francis” said VITAE Global founder Luis Quinelli.

“Our intention is to create an opportunity where the participants, with the presence and inspiration of the Holy Father, will be able to share experiences, opinions and to collaboratively find messages that spark inspiration, provoke thought and turn people toward content that is deeply meaningful.”


VITAE Global is a nonprofit organization that is composed of various international artists, executives and leaders whose mission is to foster healing and encounters of hope and beauty through arts, media and entertainment. In recent years, thanks to the support of various organizations and artists as well as global leaders like Pope Francis and Queen Sofia of Spain, VITAE Global has set in motion various cultural projects and initiatives that have positively impacted millions of people around the world, generating multiple points of encounter and bridges between them to embrace differences and build community.

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