Restore Hyper Wellness Announces First Half of 2022 Performance Results with Over $60M in System-Wide Sales & Official Announcement of its Medical Advisory Board

System-Wide Sales Up 84% YoY, Delivered One Million Wellness Services and Introduces Medical Advisory Board as it Continues Exponential Growth

Restore Hyper Wellness announces its first half of 2022 performance with system-wide sales exceeding $60 million. (Photo: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Restore Hyper Wellness (Restore), the leading provider of proactive wellness services, announced its business performance results for the first half of 2022, with system-wide sales surpassing $60 million, an increase of 84% year-over-year. Same-store sales grew 28% year-over-year, a reflection of Restore’s growing momentum with consumers that want to take a proactive approach to their wellness. Restore expanded its retail footprint, opening 32 new studios in the first half of 2022, outpacing virtually any other U.S. retailer in new store openings. Restore now has more than 150 locations around the U.S. Most importantly, Restore delivered over 1 million Hyper Wellness services to clients to help them feel their best and do more of what they love.

“We set ambitious goals for 2022, and I’m thrilled with the progress we’ve made the first half of the year towards our mission of making Hyper Wellness accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Jim Donnelly, Restore’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Providing our innovative wellness experience in more than 150 locations to date proves that proactive wellness is a growing focus for people of all walks of life. Our team is proud to have achieved a strong national footprint and a foothold to continue to grow and help more people feel their best and do more of what they love.”

Restore’s Wellness Experience

With its innovative experience and direct-to-consumer membership model, Restore is creating a new category of care—Hyper Wellness®. Hyper Wellness is Restore’s framework for living a proactive, healthy lifestyle that helps you feel your best, so you can do more of what you love.

Hyper Wellness is grounded in 9 Elements everyone should incorporate into their daily life both inside and outside of Restore’s four walls: oxygen, hydration, nourishment, cold, heat, light, movement, rest and connection. Restore offers 12 innovative modalities under one roof—each modality supporting one or more of these 9 Elements.

Cryotherapy and IV Drip Therapy are the two most popular services offered at Restore. NAD+ IV Drips and Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy are growing in awareness and popularity, as more clients feel the results and share their experience. Restore has delivered more than 1 million whole body cryotherapy sessions, over 900,000 wellness IV drips and over 140,000 mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions since its founding in 2015.

Through its Hyper Wellness approach, Restore is creating an entirely new wellness experience and category that its members love. It is proactive, effective, transparent, social and fun—validated by Restore’s industry-leading 85 net promoter score (NPS).

“Our direct-to-consumer, membership-based wellness model allows Restore to offer a better health care experience and develop a closer relationship with its members,” said Steve Welch, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. “Members visit Restore three times per month on average, whereas half the U.S. population visits their doctor once a year or less. Our deep relationship with clients allows Restore to partner with them more closely to achieve their wellness goals.”

Medical Advisory Board

Restore also announced today the official launch of its Medical Advisory Board, which provides medical oversight and direction of current and future modalities offered at Restore. The Board works with Restore’s medical leadership team, seven medical directors, over thirty nurse practitioners and over 750 registered nurses providing medical services in Restore’s wellness studios. The new Board members bring a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience that align with Restore’s priorities of offering a wellness experience that is proactive, effective and transparent with the safest protocols possible across all its wellness studios.

Jonathan Hemmert, MD, serves as Restore’s Head Medical Director. Dr. Hemmert is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He is also a World Health Ambassador working in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as an international physician volunteer. Dr. Hemmert received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and completed his Residency in Emergency Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Alexandra Siojo, MSN, FNP-C serves as Restore’s Chief Nursing Officer. Alexandra is an experienced nurse practitioner in the areas of trauma, neurosurgery, emergency medicine and family-centric general health care. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Alexandra performed preventative, diagnostic and treatment procedures for a variety of acute and chronic diseases, conditions, and injuries. Alexandra earned her Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing and her Master’s of Science in Nursing from University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She is currently a MBA candidate at Baylor University.

Richard Joseph, MD is the founder of VIM Medicine, a clinical model that integrates preventive medical care with health and fitness services, a practicing clinician in the Center for Weight Management and Wellness at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School. He completed his residency in primary care/internal medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital after receiving his medical and business degrees from Stanford University. Dr. Joseph is a longtime personal trainer and fitness expert, currently conducts group-based lifestyle programs, and is a coauthor of The Lifestyle Medicine Handbook: An Introduction to the Power of Healthy Habits.

John Day, MD is a cardiologist specializing in the treatment of atrial fibrillation and other abnormal heart rhythm conditions at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Day is the author of over 100 clinical studies that have been published in many of the most prestigious scientific and medical journals. And, he is the author of two Amazon best-selling books, The Longevity Plan and The AFib Cure. He also is the founding editor-in-chief of the Innovations in Cardiac Rhythm Management medical journal. He previously served as the president of the Heart Rhythm Society. Dr. Day received his medical degree from John Hopkins and completed his residency and fellowships in cardiovascular medicine and cardiac electrophysiology at Stanford University. Dr. John Day is board certified in cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology.

Peter Weiss, MD is a leading OB/GYN who has dedicated his life to providing women with a level of care that’s unrivaled in Beverly Hills, California. He co-founded the Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center in 2004, where he has served as the Medical Director. Dr. Weiss helps women of all ages in southern California with his expertise in advanced therapies for menopausal health, such as Mona Lisa Touch Laser. Dr. Weiss has advised legislators on both sides of the aisle on how to advance women’s health care issues. He was a national health care advisor for Senator John McCain’s (R) 2008 presidential campaign. Dr. Weiss graduated with honors in Gynecology from the University of Michigan School of Medicine. He has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine for 30 years.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Joseph, Dr. Day and Dr. Weiss to our Medical Advisory Board,” said Dr. Jonathan Hemmert, Restore’s Head Medical Director. “These physicians bring a wealth of clinical experience improving people’s lives in their medical practices. Their knowledge will help us continue to scale our operations to more locations and people in the safest and most effective way possible.”

Retail Expansion and Franchising

In addition to its 150+ currently open locations, Restore has over 600 locations under development in the U.S. It sold over 80 franchise territories in the first half of 2022.

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About Restore Hyper Wellness

Launched in Austin, Texas in 2015, Restore Hyper Wellness (Restore) is the award-winning creator of an innovative new category of care—Hyper Wellness®. Restore delivers expert guidance and an extensive array of cutting-edge wellness modalities integrated under one roof. These modalities include biomarker assessments, IV drip therapy, intramuscular (IM) shots, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, whole body and localized cryotherapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy, compression, HydraFacial, Circadia and Cryoskin. Restore’s mission is to make Hyper Wellness accessible and affordable so people can feel their best and do more of what they love.

*Medical services available to clients of Restore are provided by an independently owned physician practice.


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