The Timothy Iberger Scholarship: Available Now and Helping the Innovators of the Future

HINGHAM, Mass.--()--One of the biggest contributions to a person’s future is the education they receive. School plays a central role in helping you accomplish your ambitions as they equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle any problems. However, the rising costs of education make it increasingly difficult for parents to send their children to school. This financial hurdle serves as the driving force for the recently launched scholarship program by Timothy Iberger. Timothy understands the financial constraints education often imposes on people who aren’t financially stable and the sacrifices they tend to make to continue to go to school. This usually takes a toll on a student’s academic life as they have a significantly harder time focusing on their studies.

The Timothy Iberger Scholarship is primarily geared toward students who wish to become an entrepreneur or innovators in the future. The scholarship is looking to nourish someone who wants to bring change to the business and financial landscape through the innovation of technology. The scholarship program is to award $1000 which will go towards paying the education and tuition fees for the chosen student. Furthermore, the scholarship is open to all university students who are currently enrolled in a course in business or technology, high school students who are about to graduate are also eligible as long as they plan to undertake the same track.

Technology is an amazing addition to our life as it makes things easier and allows us to do more than we initially thought of. Innovations always bring about changes and often serve to be a person’s accomplishments in life. A good educational background serves as the best foundation to have when pursuing this dream which is why any opportunity such as a scholarship will always be beneficial.

Interested students who want to try their hand at snagging the scholarship can head on over to the Timothy Iberger Scholarship website to learn more about the scholarship and send in their applications and requirements. One of these requirements includes a 1000-word essay that answer’s Timothy’s question: “Describe a problem in the world and how would you use your technology to improve upon the issue?”.