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ARBA's Online Store software solution

LISLE, Ill.--()--Food and Beverage Tech Review, a print and digital magazine that offers information about the food and beverage technology industry, has recently awarded ARBA Retail Systems the Top Food Ordering and Delivery Tech Solution for 2021. The article, titled “The POS System Specialists”, offers an overview and product listings for some of ARBA’s most helpful products.

For being noted as a leading provider of POS products to many small businesses and entities, ARBA would like to highlight this feature and thank Food and Beverage Tech Review for allowing our diligent efforts to be recognized. ARBA Retail Systems is a POS software provider to many hospitals and corporate gift shops and cafeterias, and we ensure that our products are up-to-date and prepared for any business operations or tasks. Here is a brief overview of some of the solutions that were highlighted in the article:

ArbaRapidPay– ARBA's flagship ArbaRapidPay technology offers convenience to employees and allows time-saving protocols that enhance the employee experience. Using an employee ID badge, employees may pay for items from their local cafeteria or retail shop and have the amount deducted from their paychecks. Being integrated with register sales, ArbaRapidPay offers a much smoother and automated payment process compared to some other industry providers.

Online Ordering Software – ARBA's online store allows customers and employees to choose items from the online store using a mobile phone or web browser. This offers contactless safety through the use of online payments, and allows employees to use the ArbaRapidPay feature to pay for items online, greatly reducing the amount of traffic and length of lines in stores. Also being integrated with register sales and deducting the online sales from inventory, ARBA’s online ordering software offers business insights that other ecommerce apps and websites fail to do.

Self-Service Kiosk – Self-service kiosks are exponentially becoming the preferred method for paying for items. This allows customers and employees to quickly order whatever items they may want and pay using either credit/debit card, or ArbaRapidPay. By cutting long lines orders can be managed in a much safer and speedier fashion, and offer a much more efficient ordering process.

About ARBA Retail Systems

ARBA Retail Systems is a leading provider of enterprise-level POS technology solutions for the retail, healthcare, and food service industries.


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Release Summary

ARBA has recently been featured in the Food and Beverage Technology Review, a print and digital news source for food service operations across the US.


Blake Bell