Forged Flare Invites Ornament Customers to Share How Mother’s Angels Gifts Touch Their Hearts

Forged Flare® Mother's Angels® and fairy suncatcher ornaments. ©2022 Forged Flare®. Photo Credit: Alonda Baird-Juhasz.

MCKINNEY, Texas--()--Forged Flare®, owned and operated by husband-and-wife artist team Jen and Chris Street, announces Shared Moments, a place for Mother’s Angels® ornament customers to share their stories.

Mother’s Angels are handmade stained-glass-inspired ornaments. Envisioned as unique, high-quality gifts, Mother’s Angels quickly attracted a special clientele.

“We started receiving emails from customers with personal stories about loved ones who passed away and how our Mother’s Angels remind them daily of the love they shared,” said Jen. “People have miraculously found our company in some of their saddest moments, and we offer a glimmer of happiness.”

With Shared Moments, customers have a place to share stories of how these meaningful gifts have touched their lives.

Jen and Chris design and make the suncatcher-style ornaments in their studio in McKinney, Texas — sourcing as many materials as possible from other small businesses.

Most ornaments are purchased as memorial gifts and for memorable occasions. The ornaments can stand on their own, eliminating the need for hanging, and can be displayed year-round. “This makes it so nice for recipients, because they don't have an ‘expiration date’ on being displayed,” Jen said.

Forged Flare was born during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. After being laid off from her job as a marketing designer in late 2019, Jen started her own company and began creating a line of handmade goods.

“I had been working with a local laser artist for help creating my product, but due to COVID, I decided to purchase my own laser so that I could safely prototype at home,” Jen said.

Chris, who works in the animation industry, wanted to create a unique gift for his mother's birthday. Two of her favorite things are angels and calla lilies, so he used the laser to create an ornament that married the two.

“When she received it — and after we showed it to others — the reception was so positive that we knew we had something special,” Jen said. “Now we’re on a mission to help make someone’s day, every day, by creating meaningful gift ideas that make people feel seen, appreciated, and loved.”

Fast Facts

  • Forged Flare recently sold its 2,000th ornament.
  • Ornaments are available in more than 50 original designs.
  • Mother’s Angels range from $39.99 to $49.99.
  • Free shipping on orders over $100.



Jen Street



Jen Street