Lakeview Community Partners Celebrate Launch of Discovery Centre, Welcoming the Public to Explore Canada’s Most Sustainable Waterfront Community

A milestone achievement, the Discovery Centre serves as an architectural landmark for the local community and future homeowners to discover and engage with Lakeview Village

Lakeview Village Discovery Centre. Photographed by Nation Wong Photography, provided by Lakeview Community Partners Limited. (Photo: Business Wire)

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario--()--Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL), the developers behind Lakeview Village, a vibrant mixed-use waterfront community being built on a 177-acre brownfield site along Mississauga’s waterfront, celebrated the launch of the Discovery Centre on April 7, 2022, with its doors officially opening to the public on April 18, 2022. The first completed building on the Lakeview Village site, the Discovery Centre is a local architectural landmark that will be used as a community destination, sales centre and hub for local artists, events and exhibitions.

Designed by Q4 Architects with interior by II BY IV Design, the Discovery Centre’s modern, open and contemporary feel beautifully captures the intersection of meaningful community connection and sustainable development, reflecting the guiding principles behind Lakeview Village.

“We are incredibly excited to officially open the doors to the Discovery Centre and welcome visitors to come and experience the scale of the Lakeview Village project and the vision behind its master plan,” said Fabio Mazzocco, President of Argo Development Corporation and Lakeview Community Partners. “Throughout the Discovery Centre, we have thoughtfully incorporated the defining elements that characterize Lakeview Village – sustainability, modern architecture, the arts, culture and open gathering space – all driven by the powerful influence of re-establishing a connection to the waterfront.”

The Discovery Centre, which has been meaningfully built with the community in mind, will serve as an immersive and interactive central gathering place for visitors to discover all aspects behind the Lakeview Village project, from design, public art and construction to technology and sustainability. Each of these characteristics have been thoughtfully incorporated through forward-thinking design elements which emphasize a connection to nature and the site’s natural heritage.

A place of connection and discovery, the Discovery Centre is also a gateway to the larger Lakeview Village site – a network of walkable trails and cycling routes, a new recreational field, a seasonal art trail featuring commissioned works by local artists and stunning waterfront views.

The first floor is dedicated to builder exhibitions, creating a digitally immersive sales experience that unites the Phase 1 Builders, Branthaven, Caivan, Greenpark Group, DECO, Opus Homes, and Tridel to showcase prospective homeowners a diverse range of offerings, complete with floral installations, a wrap-around living green wall and anchored by a large, scaled model of Lakeview Village, one of Canada’s largest, most interactive and dynamic model developments.

On the second floor, visitors can take in scenic views of the waterfront, the green roof, living green walls and digital murals via the large screens in the lobby. An outdoor courtyard serves as additional space for community gatherings, musical events and art exhibitions hosted by Lakeview Village’s resident artists.

Sustainability, innovation and environmental stewardship are at the core of Lakeview Village. Designed with these principles in mind, the Discovery Centre brings nature indoors through a number of features to encourage authentic, meaningful connections to the environment and future Lakeview Village community:

  • Green Roof: A thriving ecosystem of over 1500 native plants from 30 different species, the roof is made of 100% recycled materials and provides a refuge and habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies while enhancing biodiversity, stormwater management, and acting as a seed orchard for future green roof projects.
  • Living Wall: A wrap-around green wall featuring a diverse ecosystem with over 20 different plant species augments the building’s interior, drawing on the tenets of biophilic design while improving air quality increasing humidity, to provide a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • 4 Sisters: Reflecting the site’s transformation, the centre reimagines the land’s former occupant, a coal-burning powerplant known as the ‘Four Sisters Smokestacks,” as four large windows, drawing light into the space during the day and framing the building at night.
  • Sage Glass: Advanced glass technology used to optimize daylight, manage heat and reduce energy consumption while maintaining panoramic views of the surrounding area, the glass, doors and railings have also been glazed with bird-friendly film to mitigate day and nighttime collisions while making the building less dangerous to migratory birds.

As part of LCPL’s vision and commitment to transforming Mississauga’s waterfront, the developers launched a partnership with Artscape Atelier in 2020 and have commissioned a variety of public art to animate the site throughout the construction phase while creating opportunities for artists to meaningfully participate in community-building.

In addition to existing artwork across the development site, the Discovery Centre features an array of new, interactive work by local contemporary artists:

  • “Composition for Wind” is a 25-foot, kinetic cloud sculpture created by Brad Hindson and Michael Simon of Studio F Minus that explores the multifaceted relationship between humans and the natural world, integrating themes of connection, collaboration, and transformation.
  • “A Walk in Nature” is an interior, aerial floral installation by Natalie Schiabel, inspired by the complex ecosystems and native flora and mosses in Mississauga.
  • A digital, rotating exhibit in the lobby features a collection of artworks by four artists:

“The completion of the Discovery Centre marks the culmination of years of incredible, collaborative work and visionary planning, and reveals what’s in store for Lakeview Village,” said Brian Sutherland, Vice-President of Development, Argo Development Corporation and development lead for Lakeview Village. “Together, we are bringing Canada’s most transformative waterfront community to the shores of Lake Ontario, and we are honoured to invite you all to come and experience it.”

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About Lakeview Community Partners Limited
Lakeview Community Partners Limited is a partnership of community builders that includes TACC Construction Limited, Greenpark Group, CCI Development Group, Branthaven and Argo Development Corporation. The partnership represents an unprecedented collaboration dedicated to transforming Mississauga’s waterfront through the development of Lakeview Village, a sustainable mixed-use community and all-season destination on the former site of the Lakeview Generating Station, a decommissioned coal-fired power plant. This transformative 177-acre revitalization project will revolutionize the way people live, visit and experience the waterfront through its thoughtful design and curated collection of housing, retail, office and recreational programming. For more information, visit


Media Inquiries:
Kaiser & Partners, on behalf of Lakeview Community Partners Limited
Lauren Bech-Hansen


Media Inquiries:
Kaiser & Partners, on behalf of Lakeview Community Partners Limited
Lauren Bech-Hansen