Cascade Raises $29 Million Series A to Get Strategy Out of Boardrooms

Platform provides tech-driven alternative to spending millions on consultants

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--Cascade, the strategy execution platform used by leading organizations such as AstraZeneca and American Express, announced today it has raised $29 million in funding after closing its Series A. The round was led by California-based Telescope Partners and included Five V and Carthona who provided Cascade’s $5 million seed round a few months ago. The new capital will help to cement Cascade’s position as the top-rated strategy execution platform by G2 through accelerating the product roadmap and expanding growth in North America and Europe.

The interest in the round reflects the popularity of Cascade’s platform-driven approach to strategy. With over $800 billion being spent annually on strategy consultants, companies increasingly recognize they need a more effective way to impact strategic execution at scale. Cascade addresses this by combining strategy, project management, KPIs and outcome tracking into a single platform that aligns teams on a global scale, delivering more tangible ROI.

“The commitment from both investors and our customers reflects the need to significantly rethink how to approach strategy execution,” said Tom Wright, CEO of Cascade. “Our platform frees strategy from static presentations and spreadsheets into a dynamic workspace that drives alignment, day in and day out. The age-old debate about whether strategy should be top-down or bottom-up is finally over. It’s neither. Strategy needs to be dynamic, inclusive and adaptive to the current business environment.”

Over 6,000 global teams are already using the software to provide clear direction and transparency ensuring every employee understands how their contribution makes an impact. Customers include American Express, AstraZeneca, Carhartt, Caterpillar and Toshiba. By 2025, the company expects the platform will have several million users.

“Cascade’s impressive traction to date with global companies of different sizes and industry focuses speaks to the ubiquity of the problem they are solving,” said Mickey Arabelovic, Founder of Telescope Partners. “Strategy is hard to create and even harder to execute. Cascade’s focus on operationalizing strategic plans drives alignment and focus within organizations unlike any other solution in the market today. Bottom line, Cascade drives better outcomes for its customers. We are excited to partner with Cascade as they embark on this next stage of growth.”

“We were desperate for a platform that helped us bring our strategy together, share it, track progress, drive accountability and move away from spreadsheets. Cascade gave us that,” said Chris Beacher, Head of Projects & Construction for Toshiba.

Cascade is now embedded in the heart of the business ecosystem. It’s quadrupled the number of integrations into tools like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. This allows Cascade to tie operational data to strategic outcomes and analysis.

About Cascade

Cascade is a strategy execution platform that helps organizations across the globe transform their strategies into action and their visions into reality. Our customers are redefining the world - from battling the AIDS epidemic to establishing a supply chain for COVID-19 vaccines to building the world’s fastest Formula One car. Over 6,000 teams rely on our platform to plan, execute, measure and adapt their strategies, aligning teams to what matters most with transparency and clear direction spanning automotive, consumer goods, education, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, retail and supply chain.

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About Telescope Partners

Founded in 2016, Telescope Partners is a thesis-driven, early-growth investor for entrepreneurs building exceptional enterprise software companies. Prior to founding Telescope, Mickey Arabelovic was a Partner at Sequoia. He has been investing since 2005 and has worked with software companies, including Brandfolder, Hotel Engine, Carbon Black, Hirevue, and Waystar. Telescope is a small team with a small portfolio by design, allowing for the creation of a bespoke, high-touch investment relationship with each company.


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