Fauna Adds Industry’s First Real Time Streaming to its Serverless-Native Database

New Event Streaming Feature Accelerates Development Teams’ Ability to Meet Growing Consumer Demand for Real-time Applications, Zero Operations Required

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fauna, the data API for modern applications, today announced general availability of event streaming. This new release gives developers an open, push-based streaming method to listen for real-time data changes at both a document and collection level. In addition, Fauna’s native attribute-based access control is now extended to event streaming, enabling organizations to apply dynamic access control for critical data. For the first time, developers will be able to build secure, real-time applications without spinning up or maintaining any database infrastructure – keeping consistent with Fauna’s no ops promise to developers.

Real-time digital interactions have become a consumer expectation across many industries: in e-commerce, consumers expect to be presented with the latest inventory data; in gaming, applications gamers expect their UIs to refresh in real time for essential gameplay functionality. Traditional database streaming solutions aren’t built to enable developers to easily meet these consumer needs. Fauna’s event streaming not only allows them to easily deliver that initial customer value, but because their applications are built on Fauna’s native serverless architecture, scaling as their business grows is also simple.

One of Fauna’s event streaming users, Accentuate, has served the Shopify community since 2016 and is trusted by more than 10,000 merchants worldwide including more than 3,000 high-traffic Shopify Plus stores.

“Accentuate helps our customers optimize their Shopify businesses by customizing how their products are presented to their users. It’s critical that our application is able to respond to the changes our customers make in their product offerings in real time,” said Ole Thorup, Accentuate Co-Founder & CEO. “We were able to get Fauna’s event streaming up and running quickly without managing any database infrastructure and it enables us to easily process and stream thousands of product updates in real time.”

Improving user experience and helping engineering teams increase development velocity were the top priorities when creating Fauna’s new event streaming offering. To ensure that end users are presented with the latest data possible, Fauna’s event streaming pushes database changes to any subscribed clients in real time. Fauna also maintains its intrinsic serverless capabilities in streaming, enabling developers to focus on building and releasing new features and not database infrastructure.

“Fauna’s introduction of the first true event streaming offering in a serverless context continues our mission to give developers a database that helps them build and scale applications out of the box by eliminating the management and complexity typically associated with operational data,” Hassen Karaa, VP of Product for Fauna. “Our streaming solution provides application clients with real-time events when a data change occurs and removes the need for developers to build and manage time- and resource-intensive polling approaches.”

Developers will be able to initially use any of Fauna’s language drivers (JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, C#, or Scala) to listen for changes in documents or collections and push these changes to subscribed clients in real time. In the future, these capabilities will be extended through GraphQL subscriptions. Fauna’s streaming solution offers these capabilities out of the box, unlike other serverless database vendors that require you to purchase and tie together multiple services to achieve the same functionality.

For more information on how Fauna’s event streaming can be implemented in applications, check out a sample application here: Implementing Event Streaming.

About Fauna

Fauna is the data API for modern applications. With Fauna, developers can simplify code, reduce costs, and ship applications faster by replacing their database infrastructure with a highly productive and programmable data API that combines the power of custom business logic with the ease of GraphQL. The underlying globally distributed storage and compute engine is fast, consistent, and reliable, with a modern security infrastructure. Itself a serverless offering, Fauna is quick to get started with and lets developers experience freedom from database operations at any scale. Innovators like Cloaked, Insights GG, Hannon Hill, Everly Health, Connexin, Lexmark, ZX Digital, Santander and Azion trust Fauna to power their applications. Backed by premier venture investors Madrona Venture Group, ADDITION, GV, and CRV, Fauna is headquartered in San Francisco with an experienced leadership team hailing from Microsoft, Okta, Twitter, Amazon, and Oracle. For more information visit fauna.com or follow us at @fauna.


Joe Volat, Milestone PR |  joe@milestone-pr.com


Joe Volat, Milestone PR |  joe@milestone-pr.com