JetBlue Now Accepting Applications for Pilot Gateway Programs

Airline continues to open opportunities and grow its industry leading training and talent pipeline for 14th consecutive year

Accepted candidates receive a conditional job offer as a JetBlue first officer based on the successful completion of clearly defined and mentored paths through education, training, and experience building programs.

NEW YORK--()--JetBlue (NASDAQ: JBLU) today announced it is once again accepting applications for its pilot Gateways. With seven distinct education and training paths for pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians, JetBlue’s industry-leading Gateways offer anyone with the talent and dream of flying a range of pathways into the industry, opening the door for more people to discover and define their own career path in aviation. As the airline with the longest-running pathway programs, JetBlue is proud to continue its legacy, producing hundreds of new-hire pilots for the airline with 12% of last year’s new-hire pilots coming through one of the JetBlue Gateways.

“Whether you’ve never been in an aircraft flight deck or already have a few solo flights under your belt and are planning for your future as a commercial airline pilot, we know that there is no single route to a career in aviation, but we do believe there should be a path available for anyone with the aptitude and passion to pursue it. Our Gateways offer multiple paths for those who’ve dreamed but never had the opportunity to pursue these highly-skilled careers in aviation,” said Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue. “Since 2008 our Gateway programs have been removing many barriers of entry that often ground talented individuals before their dreams can even take flight. We are proud of our ability to extend opportunities to broader audiences and can’t wait to welcome the next generation of aviation professionals to JetBlue.”

External candidates can choose between two pilot development Gateways offering distinct paths to a JetBlue first officer position:

Gateway Select - With Gateway Select, qualified applicants who exhibit the right skills and aptitude can secure a path to JetBlue first officer status, regardless of previous flight experience. Accepted candidates receive guidance and mentorship as they progress through extensive and hands-on education and training with JetBlue and its partners. With a conditional job offer at JetBlue, based on completion of the program, qualifications, and required flight hours, Gateway Select aims to remove the uncertainty that grounds many from pursuing this rewarding career. First announced in 2016, JetBlue’s ab initio Gateway Select program has already started to graduate highly skilled pilots, with more than 30 candidates from the program joining JetBlue as first officers in the last year.
For applications and information on JetBlue’s Gateway Select Program, visit

Gateway University - With 11 Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)-accredited partner colleges and universities including the program’s first HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and HSI (Hispanic-Serving Institutions) added in 2021, JetBlue’s Gateway University program is the longest-running US airline program offering enrolled students a direct path to first officer status at JetBlue via a prescribed-time and experience-building pathway. JetBlue University helps mentor and encourage accepted students through school and time-building experience with JetBlue partner airlines or other time-building options while also opening opportunities to a broader and more representative group of aviation professionals.
For applications and information on JetBlue’s Gateway University Program, visit

JetBlue continues its commitment to developing internal talent by offering current crewmembers both Direct and Flex options toward becoming a pilot or maintenance technician. JetBlue’s program flexibility allows every crewmember to tailor their own experience, further emphasizing the airline’s culture as crewmembers define and work towards career goals.

The following JetBlue Gateways for pilot development are open to current JetBlue crewmembers, immediate family of those crewmembers, and affiliated partners:

Gateway Direct - Flight Ops - Current crewmembers can depart their current position and pursue a prescribed college education accompanied with primary flight training at Aviator College. Upon graduation, crewmembers join Cape Air as a first officer, time build to ATP minimums, and then gain valuable flight experience as a Cape Air captain. The combined experience with Aviator College and Cape Air prepares pilots for a successful transition to JetBlue. Open to JetBlue crewmembers and Cape Air employees only.
For applications and information on JetBlue’s Direct-Flight Ops Program, visit

Gateway Flex - Flight Ops - Current crewmembers can depart their current position and pursue a flexible path to becoming a pilot—as well as choose their own location for training and time-building within a defined framework. Open to JetBlue crewmembers only.
For applications and information on JetBlue’s Flex-Flight Ops Program, visit

Gateway Family – New in 2022, immediate family of current JetBlue crewmembers can make a “Blue-line” to a first officer position through a defined education, training and time-building path. Open to family members of JetBlue crewmembers only.
For applications and information on JetBlue’s Family Program, visit

Since the introduction of the first Gateway University program in 2008, the airline’s Gateways have continued to expand, offering opportunities for candidates to find the path and careers goals that are right for them. With a particular focus on internal development, JetBlue announced new Gateways in 2021 expressly for current JetBlue crewmembers interested in becoming Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs), and for immediate family members of JetBlue crewmembers interested in becoming pilots. By making these Gateways available to crewmembers and their families, JetBlue looks to not only encourage the next generation of aviation professionals, but reaffirm the airline’s culture of caring and commitment to crewmember development with increased opportunities for its diverse workforce.

JetBlue onboards hundreds of pilots and maintenance technicians each year and remains an employer of choice for aspiring aviators. Its Gateway programs are just one recruiting pipeline for internal and external candidates. For more information on JetBlue’s Gateways programs visit, and for other jobs at JetBlue visit

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