Render’s Release Brings Public API and Additional Features to Enhance Platform Capabilities and User Experience

New features include automated cloud hosting for Redis, free DDoS Protection for all users, and enhanced SSH support

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Render, the Zero DevOps Cloud Platform, today announced its winter 2022 features release including a new public API that offers even greater flexibility and control when it comes to running applications in the cloud. Render also announced fully managed and automated cloud hosting for Redis, free DDoS protection for all users, and native SSH support.

Render’s API enables complete automation and scaling of tasks previously only available through the Render dashboard and unlocks entirely new capabilities, such as one-off jobs, deploy orchestration and custom tooling.

“Existing cloud infrastructure APIs are too low-level and require extensive coding to create resources,” said Anurag Goel, CEO of Render. “With Render, developers can create a modern secure website, application, or database in just a single line of code. This will further help to eliminate the process of managing cloud applications for our customers and give them the tools they need to manage their cloud workloads successfully.”

With the needs of their rapidly growing customer base in mind, Render is shipping highly requested features designed for fast-growing products and teams that enable applications to scale in complexity on Render. The API also makes it easier for Heroku customers to migrate to Render and further empowers developers to create the next generation of e-commerce, data, and infrastructure products on Render.

"The overall experience working with the API is incredibly smooth. Writing to the endpoints is intuitive and works without surprises,” said Nick Schrock, Founder of Elementl, the creators of Dagster. “I've recommended it to more than a few colleagues. The API has let us prototype services many times faster than building from scratch.“

In addition to the API release, Render also announced three new features, including fully managed and automated cloud hosting for Redis, free DDoS protection for all users, and improved SSH support.

Render’s new managed Redis hosting is batteries included, with flexibility, scalability, and performance built into every instance. The addition of Redis makes it even easier for developers to migrate production workloads from legacy platforms like Heroku or one of the “Big Three” cloud providers to Render.

With the introduction of DDoS protection, Render is the first Platform-as-a-Service to offer this capability for free to all users. DDoS attacks are becoming more common, severe and increasingly difficult to defend against. Implementing DDoS protection is time-consuming and expensive, and requires deep expertise very few engineers have. By integrating DDoS protection, Render continues to incorporate state-of-the-art security features into its platform to provide customers with greater reliability and resilience for their applications.

Lastly, Render’s SSH support introduces an even better developer experience for Render users. With SSH, developers can connect to their services from the familiar environment of their terminal and leverage SSH-compatible tooling like IDEs, debuggers, port forwarding and file transfers to expand the ways they can inspect and communicate with their cloud resources. SSH access was the most requested feature by Render customers, and this advancement continues to differentiate Render from its competitors, including Heroku.

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About Render

Render offers the easiest cloud to host any application or website. By building a cloud that offers an unparalleled developer experience coupled with incredible flexibility and power, Render aims to completely free up developers and businesses from managing cloud infrastructure, ultimately improving all software. Render is backed by Addition, General Catalyst and the South Park Commons Fund and based in San Francisco. For more information, go to or follow @render.


Hannah Mautz, 315-546-5595,

Release Summary

Render announces a new public API, fully managed and automated cloud hosting for Redis, free DDoS protection for all users, and native SSH support.


Hannah Mautz, 315-546-5595,