Sana Joins Forces With Proactive MD to Open Sana MD, a First-of-its-Kind Advanced Primary Care Health Center for Small and Midsize Businesses

  • Sana MD offers family medicine, urgent and preventive care, behavioral health support, and patient advocacy
  • When compared to fee-for-service models, value-based care has proven to provide better health outcomes and lower overall health care costs
  • Sana’s goal is to make sure that every member has access to high-quality, affordable primary care

Sana Joins Forces With Proactive MD to Open Sana MD, a First-of-its-Kind Advanced Primary Care Health Center for Small and Midsize Businesses (Photo: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Sana, a value-based health care company that provides Fortune 500-level health care to small businesses at affordable prices, and Proactive MD, a leader in advanced primary care, today announced that their first joint primary care health center, Sana MD, will open on Jan. 24.

The health center is located at 1715 W. 35th St. in Austin, Texas. The ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Chamber of Commerce is scheduled to occur at 11:30 a.m. on Jan. 12.

The partnership between the two organizations represents a new and innovative approach to health care — one that focuses on offering comprehensive, value-based primary care to small businesses and their employees. This partnership merges the elevated patient experience and outcomes of the advanced primary care model with the comprehensive care offered through Sana’s deeply integrated health plans. Sana MD meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, providing better and more affordable care options for employees.

“Adding Sana MD to our Sana Care ecosystem of providers will enable us to empower members to take control of their health with unrivaled primary care at no cost,” said Sana CEO and co-founder Will Young. “What was previously only available to large enterprises is now accessible for small businesses. Sana's philosophy is that superior, proactive-focused primary care is the most efficient method of improving health outcomes."

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the value-based care model provided patients with 12% lower costs over eight years compared to control groups using fee-for-service models. The value-based care cohort also outperformed the control groups in most quality of care measurements over that time.

“In my 25 years of practicing medicine, I’ve learned that nothing is more important to me than the time I get to spend with my patients,” said Dr. Margie Viscardi, Sana MD’s family medicine doctor. “Too often, other practices focus on quantity over quality, but Sana MD is different. It’s centered around giving me time with my patients so I can focus on them and their holistic health care needs. I’m excited to be a part of such an innovative joint venture that lets me practice medicine the way it should be.”

Nearly 28% of adults do not have a primary care physician. By working together on Sana MD, Sana and Proactive MD are on a mission to ensure more American adults have access to the primary care they need. With the belief that primary care should be proactive rather than reactive, Sana MD practices a holistic model of care tailored to individual patient needs. The Sana MD team will engage patients with personal, elevated, concierge-style care in a spa-like atmosphere accented by modern design for a more inviting experience with minimal wait times.

"Proactive MD’s mission is to serve our clients and patients with the highest-quality value-based care in the world,” said John Collier, Proactive MD’s CEO. “In Sana, we have a health plan partner that pushes the envelope to deliver an incomparable member experience. Working together, we’ll transform the way health care is delivered in Austin.”

When employees have access to comprehensive and convenient health care, they are more likely to take an active role in their health. For this reason, Sana MD will include family medicine, urgent and preventive care, patient advocacy services, labs and diagnostics, and chronic disease management. It also will boast total wellness solutions, such as weight loss programs, diabetes education, stress management, smoking cessation and wellness coaching — all under one roof. By operating as a value-based care health center, Sana MD will be focused on optimizing its patients’ health outcomes rather than focusing on increasing its fees per patient or patient throughput.

By offering this option at no cost to members on most plans, Sana and Proactive MD will increase overall value, improve the health of Sana members and ultimately reduce health care costs.

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About Sana

Sana is a leader in value-based health care, reducing the cost of high-quality care for small businesses. Focusing on value and quality of care allows Sana to give employers great coverage at a lower cost, all while making it easier than ever to administer benefits and access care. The company offers simplified plans, ensuring you pay an honest price and prioritizing customer service. Sana Care is Sana's ecosystem of trusted, preferred, high-quality health care and wellness providers available to Sana members at little to no cost to them. Sana MD is a health clinic located in Austin, Texas, created in partnership with Proactive MD, that aligns with Sana's goal to create a value-based, holistic health care solution that drives down costs while simultaneously delivering exceptional quality of care. For more information, please visit

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Proactive MD is elevating the standard of primary care and connecting patients and employers with services and solutions that go above and beyond the typical boundaries of health care to meet their unique mental, emotional, social and physical needs. Proactive MD’s Care Beyond the Walls model is built on the foundation of strong physician-patient relationships, clinically integrated services and advanced population health insights. Learn more by visiting


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