Northeast Alternatives Dominates Fall Competition Scene


Dispensary takes home 12 prizes this fall, two honorable mentions

NEA now holds awards in every product category

Northeast Alternatives Takes Home Nine Awards at NECANN and COMCANCOMP (Photo: Business Wire)

FALL RIVER, Mass.--()--Northeast Alternatives (NEA) proudly added 12 new awards to its growing trophy case at the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) and the Commonwealth Cannabis Competition (COMCANCOMP), and the first-ever Massachusetts High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition this fall.

These new prizes bring NEA’s trophy count to 32 awards for flower (14), edibles (4), vapes (1), concentrates (8), tinctures (2), and overall excellence as a dispensary (3).

This week, NEA took home three prizes and two honorable mentions for flower, edibles, and concentrates at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The dispensary was awarded:

  • 2nd Prize in Hybrid Flower for Ice Cream Man
  • 2nd Prize in Indica Flower for Runtz OG
  • 2nd Prize in Fruity, non-Gummy Edibles for Forbidden Fruit Dried Mango Slices

NEA also received honorable mentions for Cannatini Cranberry Lime Mojito Gummies and Tangarin Cookies OG THCa Diamonds in a D8:D9 1:1 Terp Sauce.

Earlier this month, NEA dominated the competition at COMCANCOMP on October 2. NEA took home multiple awards for flower and concentrates, and one new award for edibles, including:

  • 2nd prize in THC Flower for Mandarin Cookies
  • 3rd prize in THC Flower for Gorilla Breath
  • 2nd prize in CBD Flower for Sour Tsunami
  • 2nd prize in THC Concentrates for Lemonade Mandaruntz Batter
  • 3rd prize in THC Concentrates for its Green Tangerine Crack Cookies Batter
  • 3rd prize in THC Edibles for its Garlic Chili Oil

Just two weeks prior, NEA won three more awards at the NECANN competition held in Boston on September 12, including:

  • 1st prize in CBD Flower for Sour Tsunami
  • 1st prize in Vape Cartridges for Green Tangerine Crack Cookies Vape
  • 2nd prize in Edibles for its Hot Cocoa Mix

These awards mark tremendous milestones for the dispensary as they head into the final stages of the 2021 competition season.

NEA continues to shine in both the CBD and THC flower categories. Sour Tsunami’s wins at NECANN and COMCANCOMP come on the heels of the strain’s first-ever flower award at Terptown Throwdown this August. Mandarin Cookies’ COMCANCOMP win brings its award total to three prizes, while Ice Cream Man’s High Times award makes it the most-awarded NEA strain with four prizes. Two brand new NEA strains, Gorilla Breath and Runtz OG became the latest award winners with their wins at COMCANCOMP and High Times.

“I’m beyond proud of our amazing team of growers for continuing to bring home top-notch recognition across the state,” says Kyle Bishop, NEA COO. “Our growers put their heart into everything they do, and I couldn’t be happier that they’re getting the recognition they deserve.”

After claiming their first victory for edibles at Terptown Throwdown in August, NEA’s Marijuana-Infused Products (MIP) kitchen brought the heat to NECANN, COMCANCOMP, and High Times. The Forbidden Fruit Dried Mango Slices, another brand new NEA product, took home 2nd Prize for Fruity, non-Gummy Edibles at High Times, while the Cannatini Cranberry Lime Mojito Gummies took home an honorable mention in the Gummy Edibles category. NEA debuted two more new products, Hot Cocoa Mix and Garlic Chili Oil, that took home wins in the THC Edibles category at NECANN and COMCANCOMP.

“These wins are a huge morale boost to the kitchen team,” said Shelby Griebel, MIP Director. “We love the passion for infused products that competitions inspire, and we love how competitions bring all of our departments together, from conception and production to packaging and marketing. It really is a team effort.”

The Green Tangerine Crack Cookies Vape Cartridge win at NECANN is the first-ever NEA vape victory. Our extracts team continues to dominate the competition scene, with the specially-crafted Lemonade Mandaruntz Batter and Green Tangerine Crack Cookies Batter claiming two out of three spots at COMCANCOMP. NEA’s Tangarin Cookies OG THCa Diamonds in a D8:D9 1:1 Terp Sauce took home an honorable mention at High Times.

“We are all very passionate about the work we do here at NEA,” says Noel Barry, Director of Extracts. “I am incredibly proud of the extraction team, and we are all truly humbled and appreciative of the recognition.”

“As always, these competitions wouldn’t be possible without the awesome organizers, judges, and competitors,” Bishop says. “We also want to extend our deepest gratitude and send mad props to the NEA fam! Thank you guys again, this crew has unreal talent, and it really shows daily on the shelf and during competition time.”

The NEA team is looking forward to The Harvest Cup, the season’s final competition, on November 14.

About Northeast Alternatives:
Northeast Alternatives
(NEA) is a vertically integrated cannabis dispensary serving adult-use and medical customers since 2018. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, NEA remains the most-awarded cannabis dispensary in the state, with 32 awards and counting. NEA is dedicated to providing various high-quality cannabis products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals, to adult users 21+. Learn more about our products and our commitment to excellence here.


Emma Gauthier, Content Marketing Specialist
Northeast Alternatives


Emma Gauthier, Content Marketing Specialist
Northeast Alternatives