Four Questions With Langdon Park Capital’s Jose Alvarez

Black-owned institutional real estate investment firm recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month and salutes the contributions of Latino leaders in real estate

LOS ANGELES--()--Langdon Park Capital, a Black-owned real estate investment management company, continues to build its investment pipeline and raise capital to purchase commercial real estate, primarily workforce and value-oriented residential housing. The company is focused on generating both strong financial returns and positive social impact in Black and Latino communities and credits a large part of its early success to its dynamic, diverse team.

One of those team members is Jose Alvarez, who joined Langdon Park Capital earlier this year as a Senior Associate and has quickly become a key contributor to the company’s due diligence, acquisitions, asset management and reporting groups. Mr. Alvarez, whose parents are of Mexican and Ecuadorian descent, was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended the prestigious Harvard-Westlake School before matriculating at Boston College. After he earned a BS in Management, Mr. Alvarez embarked on his professional career, first as a CPA at a Big Four accounting firm, and later in the real estate finance group at a national bank.

In short order, Mr. Alvarez has helped Langdon Park Capital’s management team identify a number of investment opportunities and create internal investment committee memos while also assisting with the company’s ongoing support for the communities where it is focused on owning and operating properties. Mr. Alvarez is a valued team member at Langdon Park Capital, and he is setting the standard for the next generation of real estate leaders.

Q. Who are some of the mentors who helped shape your career?

I have been fortunate to work with managers who have actively prioritized my professional development. Whether it was discussing the broader implications of a transaction or how my specific work flows into a client deliverable, the mentorship I received has allowed me to foresee the potential wider internal and external impact of the transaction and deliverable. In addition to my managers, the professional guidance and insight I have obtained from executives and partners at the firms have helped me understand the importance of adaptability and the teamwork needed to meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

Q. What is your proudest professional achievement so far?

Joining Langdon Park Capital has been my proudest professional achievement so far in my career. I am fortunate that the work I do allows us to incorporate positive social impact into the return-focused environment of a real estate investment management company. The diversity of the team, of the communities in which we invest, and of the social services we provide, will allow me to develop into a more well-rounded and knowledgeable real estate investment professional. I am proud that the professional experiences and connections I’ve developed all worked together over time to bring me to my current position at Langdon Park Capital.

Q. Where are the biggest opportunities for Latinos in real estate?

Aside from relevant work experience, I think that one’s diversity, be that diversity of culture, race, gender, physical ability or interests, is the main factor that can lead to new opportunities. In my opinion and experience, the real estate industry, specifically the financing and private equity side, is very homogenous. As firms continue to focus on inclusivity and diversity, I believe that Latinos should continue to seek out opportunities that allow them to strengthen their professional experiences and connections. Firms are looking for diverse talent and Latinos have the opportunity to obtain those positions. Whether it is seeking a mentor or asking for feedback from a manager, the goal for Latinos should be to put ourselves out there and to be intentional and authentic with our professional interactions. Even if it is something as simple as applying to a job where you do not meet all the job requirements, the goal should always be to ensure that you are doing everything you can to make yourself known.

Q. What can businesses do to support and strengthen Latino communities?

In order to support and strengthen Latino communities, businesses first need to ensure they are actively engaging our Latino communities. Whether it is providing products or services, businesses need to find their own way to engage and integrate into the lives of Latino communities. Engaging in it of itself can be the major bulk of the work. Assuming a business has a popular or innovative offering, just being able to market it or somehow expose it to Latino communities could immediately enhance the lives of those community members. One immediate way of gaining the knowledge to strengthen the community is to hire from within the community. Employment is a great way for businesses to support and strengthen the communities in which they operate.

About Langdon Park Capital

Langdon Park Capital is a market-maker for profitable, sustainable and scalable real estate investments. Our competitive advantage is driven by a diverse management team focused on unique opportunities provided by Black and Latino communities, vendors and mission-aligned tenants. We acquire, renovate and operate affordable, workforce and value-oriented residential communities and we responsibly source, develop and lease commercial buildings for large corporate tenants. Additionally, Langdon Park Capital opportunistically develops mixed-use projects where population density and underdevelopment create compelling opportunities. Further information is available at


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Langdon Park Capital, a Black-owned real estate investment firm, recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month and salutes the contributions of one of its own.


Laura Kerepesi