Alef Launches Private Edge The First Open Platform for Companies to Unlock the Power of the Mobile Edge

Launching Across 20 Cities and Expanding, Alef Frees Enterprises to Flexibly Build Their Own Virtual Mobile Networks and Applications, Eliminating Complex Management Across Wireless Technologies and Providers

NEW YORK--()--Alef, the edge internet leader, today introduced Private Edge, the first platform that will make the edge internet a reality and radically transform the way the world lives, works and plays.

The promise of edge computing and a decentralized internet—particularly the power of 5G networks—continues to be broadcasted with limited, real-world utility. Service providers who own the legacy space and existing infrastructure cannot execute quickly enough and deliver on the needs of the global economy. Enterprises that are eager to take advantage of 5G applications and services don’t have the infrastructure in place to do so.

Alef’s Private Edge platform is a new software-defined, mobile edge-based neutral host and open approach that helps enterprises build and operate their own customized virtual private network. As a pioneer in edge internet computing and connectivity, Alef continues to create the necessary building blocks for businesses, organizations and developers to accelerate the adoption and use of 5G networks and applications that sit at the edge.

“By launching decentralized, private networks in minutes and not months, Alef is creating shared economic outcomes through open APIs for the next generation of internet and communications services,” said Ganesh Sundaram, founder and CEO of Alef.

Sundaram continued, “As a society, our success is improved based on the access we have to mobile networks—and that doesn’t matter if you’re a CIO, a small business owner, a student or a consumer. Today, Alef is telling the world there is a better way to build access to underappreciated areas and markets and unlock the potential of the mobile edge.”

Alef’s Private Edge platform is the foundational technology that powers the new decentralized internet and edge economy. For instance, over Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) networks, the platform allows customers to connect to Alef’s globally distributed, multitenant, neutral host compute and delivery network of networks. By moving intelligence and compute to the edge, businesses can accelerate their outcomes and improve existing application performance while building edge-centric solutions that have yet to be discovered.

Private Edge consists of three main pillars that power the ability to quickly, securely and affordably build and use lightning-fast applications.

  • Edge Points - layer of edge nodes that allows enterprises to become virtual mobile operators who own and operate their private edge network. Today, more than 20 cities across the United States can take advantage of Private Edge, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Miami.
  • Edge Builder - the programmable edge where developers can leverage edge APIs and build edge apps and solutions.
  • Edge Marketplace - the destination to buy, connect, collaborate, and share on pre-configured products (apps) built using the APIs from Edge Builder.

To fuel growth and make it easy for enterprises to develop the next generation of edge applications, Alef provides APIs—found in Edge Builder—that allow companies to quickly start and activate their own virtual mobile networks. The first API available—Edge Connect—allows enterprises to access faster speeds at the edge for a fraction of their broadband costs.

“As the world continues to accelerate how we connect and share data, the inevitability of an edge computing framework is becoming clearer. However, to ensure rapid and seamless adoption, one needs the capabilities such as Alef’s open Private Edge platform to truly empower the developers and the ecosystem to create new mobile experiences that are optimized for both price, performance and privacy,” said Chetan Sharma, CEO of Chetan Sharma Consulting.

Private Edge, Edge Points, Edge Builder and Edge Connect are available immediately. Edge Marketplace will be available in Q4 2021.

Alef will be introducing a full suite of APIs soon that promises to transform the advertising, cyber security and gaming industries, and will officially usher in the edge internet era.

About Alef

Alef is a global 5G edge platform company that empowers enterprises and developers to rapidly create and launch innovative mobile applications from its flagship Private Edge platform. As a developer-first company, Alef simplifies the complexity of 5G and edge computing by arming creators, programmers and developers with APIs that unleash the massive power of the edge internet economy. Alef is headquartered in New York City with offices in India and Brazil.


Casey Bush
Global Results Communications

Release Summary

Alef introduced Private Edge, the first platform that will make the edge internet a reality and transform the way the world lives, works and plays


Casey Bush
Global Results Communications