Impossible Sausage Made From Plants Arrives in Home Kitchens

  • Impossible Sausage Made From Plants is coming directly to consumers and will now be available at Kroger, Safeway, Stop & Shop, and Sprouts Farmers Market and many more retailers across the country.
  • After first launching in foodservice nationwide at Top American Diners as chosen by Yelp, Impossible Foods is now offering a new ground sausage form in two flavors - Savory and Spicy - for retail.
  • Consumers love it: In a home usage test of 136 consumers, 66% said Impossible Sausage tasted as good as or better than pork ground sausage.

Impossible Sausage Made From Plants. Available in two flavors - Savory and Spicy. (Photo: Business Wire)

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--Impossible Foods today announced that Impossible Sausage Made From Plants is launching in retail stores for the first time in a ground sausage form. Available in two flavors - Savory and Spicy - Impossible Sausage will be rolling out in Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Hannaford, Giant Martin’s, Giant Food, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Heinen’s and many more retailers across the country.

Impossible Sausage was introduced as the company’s first all-new product since the blockbuster Impossible™ Burger debuted in 2016. Sausage went on the menu at the 30 Top American Diners as chosen by Yelp, and Jamba® most recently followed with the rollout of the Impossible™ Handwich in April 2021. Impossible Sausage made its international debut in Asia when it rolled out at nearly 200 coffee shop locations in Hong Kong in September 2020.

With 30% fewer calories, 47% less total fat, and 43% less saturated fat when cooked, compared to the leading pork ground sausage,*1 Impossible Foods is aiming to introduce a nutritious and more sustainable sausage product as compared to the leading pork ground sausage. In a home usage test of 136 consumers, 66% said Impossible Sausage tasted as good as or better than pork ground sausage.

“At Impossible Foods, we’re intent upon delivering on what consumers demand from meat, but without the compromise inherent in the use of animals for food production,” said Impossible Foods’ President, Dennis Woodside. “With our latest Impossible Sausage product for retail, we’re doubling down in our efforts to reach every home cook looking to satiate their cravings for sausage. We are excited to see what consumers cook up.”

Impossible Sausage: Still the Best of the Wurst

Impossible Sausage for retail was created to fit into any type of meal for any time of day. Impossible Sausage (Savory) is fully seasoned with an herbaceous and peppery bite, capturing all the best tastes associated with breakfast sausage and ready to pair with the classic morning omelette or breakfast scramble. Impossible Sausage (Spicy) has a bold kick, reflecting notes of chili and cayenne for those looking to incorporate a bit of heat into their recipes. Not only does Impossible Sausage taste like ground sausage from pigs, but it sizzles*2 and cooks like it, too, making it an easy ingredient to incorporate into any recipe or dish calling for animal-derived sausage.

Impossible Sausage contains no animal hormones or antibiotics and is a good source of protein, with 7g of protein per 56g serving. Additionally, Impossible Sausage contains 0g Trans Fat and 0mg Cholesterol (9g Total Fat, 4g Saturated Fat) per 56g serving, and is an excellent source of Niacin, Vitamin B12 and Zinc.

Hogging the Planet’s Resources No More!

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, the world is home to about 1.44 billion pigs; with an average weight of about 112 kg, total farmed pig biomass totals 175 billion kg. That’s nearly twice as much as the total biomass of all wild terrestrial vertebrates. Accounting for nearly 38% of meat production worldwide, pigs are the most widely eaten animal in the world. In fact, each year in the United States alone, more than 121 million pigs are killed for food.

Our reliance on pigs as a protein source has harmful environmental repercussions, both globally and locally. Industrial pork production releases excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus into the environment, and the high doses of copper and zinc fed to pigs to promote growth accumulate in the soil. Feces and waste often spread to surrounding neighborhoods, polluting air and water with toxic waste particles.

As is core to Impossible Foods’s mission — to deliver sustainable, plant-based alternatives to turn back the clock on climate change — Impossible Sausage generates far less greenhouse gas emissions than sausage from pigs and uses 79% less water and 41% less land than sausage from pigs.

About Impossible Foods:

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Impossible Foods makes delicious, nutritious meat and dairy products from plants — with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. The privately held company was founded in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at Stanford University and a former Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. Investors include Khosla Ventures, Bill Gates, Google Ventures, Horizons Ventures, UBS, Viking Global Investors, Temasek, Sailing Capital and Open Philanthropy Project.

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*1. The leading regular pork ground sausage contains 215 calories, 19g of total fat, 7g of saturated fat, 35mg cholesterol per 2oz (56g) cooked serving while Impossible Sausage contains 150 calories, 10g of total fat, 4g of saturated fat, 0mg cholesterol per 2oz (56g) cooked serving.

*2. In a home usage test of 136 consumers, 83% said Impossible Sausage sizzled as well as or better than pork ground sausage.


Keely Sulprizio


Keely Sulprizio