Social Solutions’ Inaugural Impact Report Reinforces that the Future of Social Good is Now

Results show the value of data and technology, empowering social good organizations to optimize efficiencies and improve outcomes for communities

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Social Solutions Global, the leading cloud software provider for nonprofit and public sector social service organizations, today announced the availability of the company’s inaugural 2020 Impact Report. Results show that demand for services continues to exceed the capacity of nonprofits’ ability to serve all those in need, and importantly, that investments in data and technology are the keys to unlocking the ability for these organizations to scale and enable communities to drive impact together.

“Everything we do at Social Solutions is driven by our purpose of empowering lasting social change,” said Erin Mulligan Nelson, CEO of Social Solutions. “For over twenty years we’ve been helping our nonprofit and public sector clients effectively deliver services, measure and optimize outcomes, and ultimately deliver greater human impact. Our first Impact Report directly demonstrates that data-driven impact analysis and management delivers value and direct results to people, families and communities via the social good organizations we work with on a daily basis.”

Impact Report Highlights How Social Solutions Benefits Thousands of Social Good Organizations

The Social Solutions Impact Report features statistics showcasing the current state and future of social good, as well as the impact on efficiency and effectiveness that human services agencies across every sector are seeing as a result of deploying technology and data to help them run and guide their organizations. In addition, the report discusses the increased demand for social services, which began even before the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the reality of career “burnout” as at least 38 states across the US don’t have enough social workers to meet the needs of the people seeking services.

Since bringing the Social Solutions software online, The Riverside County Children & Families Commission, more commonly known as First 5 Riverside - has dramatically increased efficiency and effectiveness around data, analytics and reporting. As a result, First 5 has been able to increase collaboration across service providers for the benefit of children and families. “The software is the connective tissue of data and reporting across the services we provide and fund,” said Piera Causley of First 5. “The work is moving so quickly in human services, so for us, it’s about building an amazing framework with ideas and vision.”

The Time is Now: Funding Opportunities Increase Across the US; Potential to Accelerate Lasting Social Change

The US administration is calling this period in time a ‘once-in-a-generation-economic crisis’, alongside a ‘once-in-a-generation investment’. This brings along a massive opportunity for nonprofits to benefit from Social Solutions’ platforms, which can propel a direct impact to empower communities to accelerate lasting social change.

There are increased investment opportunities within the social sector already seeing an opportunity to apply for an influx of funding through programs such as The American Rescue Plan Act; The American Jobs Plan; the American Families Plan; the George Floyd Plan; the Equality Act; VAWA and Immigration Reform. Nonprofits have played a critical role in the pandemic response, and they will play an even larger role in the recovery through executing their programs more efficiently, driving intelligence and ultimately better outcomes. Social Solutions is actively partnering with nonprofits to develop strategy, design programs and deliver services to take a long view on how to achieve the greatest impact. The data in the Impact Report clearly outlines this need for support, whether it is helping poverty, food insecurity, violence survivors, health or child services.

About Social Solutions Global:

Social Solutions, a Public Benefit Corporation, is the leading provider of cloud software for nonprofit and public sector social service organizations. Our Apricot, Penelope and ETO products offer clients the most comprehensive and secure social good platform available, including case management, participant connection, data insights, outcome analytics and funder enablement solutions. Based in Austin, Texas, Social Solutions was founded 20 years ago by social workers who saw the potential of technology to improve outcomes and help accelerate lasting social change in the communities they serve. To date, more than 90,000 users have adopted the Social Solutions platform to improve their data by measuring and optimizing outcomes. Social Solutions is backed by Vista Equity Partners and serves clients in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. For more information, please visit our website,, or follow us on Twitter: @SocialSolutions.


Jane Thompson; 415 710 1675

Release Summary

Results show that investments in data and technology empower social good organizations to optimize efficiencies and improve outcomes for communities.


Jane Thompson; 415 710 1675