North Texas’ ZYYAH Bringing Home Management by App to PropTech and Insurtech

ZYYAH places the power of homeownership in the palm of its user's hand. The Dallas-based PropTech and Insurtech start-up is pioneering a hassle-free home experience with innovative digital aggregation for the home. (Photo: Business Wire)

DALLAS--()--After completing another successful round of multi-million dollar funding, North Texas’ ZYYAH is preparing for the impending full launch of its app, currently in its limited beta release, pioneering a new frontier in complete digital home management. At its core, the company, founded by chief executive officer Bret Hatfield, a technologist; Kris Goggans, a real estate professional; and Jack Cecil, a luxury home builder, aims to help people achieve the home lifestyle they desire by making it simple to manage, maintain, protect, document, repair, remodel, buy and sell, all through one platform.

On a 2018 vacation to Napa with their spouses, the serial entrepreneurs realized that, instead of basking in the experience, they were spending much of their time discussing the headaches each were facing with their homes. That nascent recognition evolved into the realization that with each of their unique perspectives as both industry professionals and homeowners, they could fill a gap in the PropTech and Insurtech spaces that had been underserved for decades.

“At its highest level, ZYYAH’s mission is to make homeownership radically simple,” said Hatfield. “As a homeowner myself, I quickly realized there was a vast sum of knowledge I didn’t have when it came to regular maintenance, planning for eventualities, and even knowing where my important home information was, much less what that consisted of. The three of us realized we could create something that allowed homeowners to overcome that missing intelligence, and help them better manage with a well-designed platform. For many Americans, their home is their biggest asset, making it wise to care for, improve on, and drive its appreciation.”

Initially self-funded, fundraising among friends and family started just before the pandemic hit, but the company was able to still easily meet and even double its initial multi-million dollar seed round. One early multi-billion dollar revenue partner that believed in ZYYAH’s vision passed on the initial funding round, only to make an even bigger commitment months later after seeing the company’s impressive execution. In addition to each of the partner’s C-level executives investing personally, they collectively requested to become an equity partner, giving ZYYAH a $30MM valuation.

“Two years ago, we had a vision for ZYYAH, and since then, it has been continuously validated, in part, by events that have affected many of our home living experiences directly – flooding, a pandemic, an icepocalypse,” continued Hatfield. “We want to be a digital advisor and companion to help homeowners capture and store information in their ZYYAH Vault™ so we can protect and guide them. Just like the Fitbit changed how people could and were then more willing to manage their personal health, we aim to change how people manage their home’s health with our comprehensive and user-friendly inspections and home health reports.”

Nearing the launch of its app, ZYYAH’s Advisory Board features top talent from Silicon Valley, including former executives from UBER and Angie’s List. Ultimately, the platform, which is tailored to home owners, real estate professionals, and high-integrity home service professionals, will serve as a hub in a three-sided marketplace, ushering homeowners through the three stages of ownership – buying, living, and selling.

“It’s almost as if we’re conditioned to think the homeowner journey ends when you pick your house, like a wrap on an episode of ‘House Hunters’,” added Hatfield. “But that’s really the beginning. We spend a good amount of our adult lives in a relationship with our homes, and like all relationships, it needs nurturing. Lucky for us, this is ZYYAH’s love language.”

The PropTech and Insurtech start-up also includes two subsidiaries, Hello Covered, a full-service insurance and home warranty company, and Certus Title, a title company, and a robust partner group consisting of over 30 partners that provide all products and services a homeowner needs to complete a full-circle ZYYAH journey.


Founded in 2018, ZYYAH is the Dallas-based PropTech and Insurtech start-up changing the real estate industry by placing the power of homeownership in the palm of its user's hand. ZYYAH’s mission is to pioneer a hassle-free home experience with innovative digital aggregation for the home. Its intelligent home management platform offers the ability to centralize key home data, documents and inventory creating a “CARFAX® for homes”, and pairs it with trusted knowledge, helpful advice and tips, effectively creating a personalized maintenance planner.

Equipping homeowners with the tools and insights to facilitate smart decisions, ZYYAH connects homeowners to a network of vetted service providers and real estate professionals, as well as products and services like home warranty, home insurance, mortgage and title services, among others. ZYYAH is powered by technologists, real estate professionals, luxury home builders, and product experts that, along with its subsidiaries, Hello Covered and Certus Title, make home management radically simple. More information is available at


Ariel Herr

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ZYYAH is nearing the launch of its platform after a successful round of funding.


Ariel Herr