Oclean X Pro Elite Super Smart Electric Toothbrush Leads the Era of Intelligent Toothbrushes

Oclean X Pro Elite super smart electric toothbrush leads the era of intelligent toothbrush (Graphic: Business Wire)

SHENZHEN, China--()--Today, Oclean launched the Oclean X Pro Elite super smart electric toothbrush equipped with a new version of the operating system, ultrasonic active noise reduction mute technology, and fast charging technology.

More quiet
Oclean X Pro Elite is equipped with WhisperClean 2.0 technology, which ensures that the working volume of the toothbrush remains below 45db while the overall cleaning power of the product is improved. 

Oclean’s exclusive magnetic levitation brushless motor can reach a speed of 42,000 rpm, providing sufficient power for oral cleaning. 

More friendly
Oclean X Pro Elite has added an automatic wake-up function. When you pick it up, the screen automatically lights up, and you can press the button to turn it on. 

More versatile
The Oclean X Pro Elite super smart electric toothbrush adopts the high-end wireless fast charging technology used in smart phones to shorten the charging time. 

Super smart
The Oclean X Pro Elite super smart electric toothbrush has a key function: blind spot monitoring. Equipped with the pressure sensor, six-axis gyroscope and a built-in chip and based on fusion algorithms, posture algorithms, and statistical methods, the toothbrush can collect and process user brushing data, analyze user brushing conditions, and achieve precise blind zone detection.

The Oclean X Pro Elite super smart electric toothbrush is available now (March 29-April 20) on Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay at only $59.99. After April 20, the price will return to the daily price of $69.99, still cheaper than similar products of other brands being sold for more than $100.

During the pre-sale period (Mar 29-Apr 5), customers can enjoy the following benefits:

1) For first 100 orders, customers will receive 1 x Oclean S1 toothbrush sanitizer + 2 x toothbrush heads + 1 x travel case per order.

2) All customers will receive 2 toothbrush heads + 1 travel case per order.

3) 5 lucky customers will be randomly selected for free orders every day.

During the debut period (Apr 6-Apr 20), in addition to the two additional brush heads, consumers also have the opportunity to get a free order.

For more details, please find here: https://bit.ly/3cXI6JM


Taylor Qu

Release Summary

Oclean launched Oclean X Pro Elite super smart electric toothbrush.


Taylor Qu