Rumble Raises $5m in VC Funding to Solve the Network and Asset Discovery Challenge

Rumble adds cloud-managed and self-hosted enterprise deployment options and integrates with ServiceNow ITOM and Splunk

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Rumble, a global leader in network and asset discovery, has raised $5 million in VC funding to help IT and security staff find all networked devices and associated topologies within their environment. Rumble will invest the funds to expand its enterprise capabilities and broaden its go-to-market reach.

Rumble is a fast, easy, and accurate network and asset discovery platform that inventories IT and OT environments to provide a foundation for attack surface reduction and incident response programs. The Rumble Explorer scanner does not require credentials, agents, or SPAN ports to provide highly accurate fingerprinting. It helps security teams identify risks such as outdated and orphaned devices, rogue RDP ports, and public-private network bridges. Rumble identifies both managed and unmanaged devices on the network with a high degree of accuracy. It needs just one scanner per network environment to provide immediate visibility and does so without requiring credentials or network configuration changes.

“Most security teams have been trying to get asset inventory data from solutions that weren’t designed for it, such as vulnerability scanners and EDR agents. These solutions weren’t created with that goal in mind, so the data is often spotty, either because it doesn’t properly identify the device or misses it altogether," says HD Moore, co-founder and chief executive officer at Rumble. “On the flipside, CMDBs and SIEMs can manage the data provided from other tools but aren’t good at sourcing it. Rumble fills this gap by focusing on discovery and fingerprinting as the primary goal."

Moore is primarily known as the founder of Metasploit and has been scanning networks for over 20 years while developing security solutions, conducting security research, and carrying out penetration tests. He started Rapid7’s Project Sonar, which scans the world’s public IP spaces and then applies data science to learn about risks prevalent in the wild.

Rumble raises $5m in VC funding round led by Decibel Partners

Rumble raised $5 million in VC funding led by Jon Sakoda and Dan Nguyen-Huu at Decibel Partners, a global venture capital firm backed by Cisco. Other investors include Jon Oberheide (co-founder and CTO, Duo Security), Slavik Markovich and Rishi Bhargava (founders of Demisto, acquired by Palo Alto Networks), Oliver Friedrichs (founder & CEO of Phantom Cyber, acquired by Splunk), Haroon Meer (founder of Thinkst Canary) and Michael Sutton (founder at StoneMill Ventures).

Rumble officially launched in October of 2019 after a six-month open beta. The company was cash-flow positive in 2020 and exited the year with more than 100 paying customers. Rumble will invest the funds to accelerate its go-to-market engine and develop the product’s enterprise capabilities.

“Asset inventory is the foundation of many IT and security projects, However, identifying assets in cloud and on-premise environments is still an unsolved problem, especially finding unmanaged devices that put organizations at risk," says Jon Sakoda, founding partner at Decibel. “What struck us about Rumble was the simple deployment, high accuracy of results, and the rapid product-led growth of the company. Its impressive mix of paying customers of all sizes and industries showed us that Rumble had already achieved real product-market fit."

Latest Rumble release focuses on enterprise integrations & automation

With today’s 2.0 release Rumble has expanded its capabilities for enterprises:

  • ServiceNow ITOM CMDB integration: ServiceNow ITOM is fast becoming a standard for corporate CMDBs. However, most IT teams are struggling to get quality data into the system, especially covering unmanaged devices. This is where Rumble can help. Rumble’s new ServiceNow integration helps IT teams feed better data into ServiceNow ITOM via three new API endpoints that can be consumed by the Integration Hub ETL.
  • Find all networks in use, fast: Rumble’s new discovery modes identify active subnets and hosts before moving on to a full discovery scan. This helps find all subnets in use in record time. The new feature further optimizes scan times and reduces the risk that organizations overlook devices or entire subnets. Sparsely populated /16s can be scanned in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Amazing network discovery, anywhere: Rumble’s multi-tenant SaaS platform is used by the vast majority of clients, but organizations whose policies don’t allow multi-tenant environments can now self-host in the VPC of their preferred cloud vendor or on their local network. In addition, the command-line scanner can be run in air-gapped environments, either for offline use or upload to the Rumble Console.
  • Automated monitoring with the Rules Engine: Automated monitoring of risks such as orphaned devices, duplicate SSH host keys, or exposed external IPs is now easier than even with the Rumble Rules Engine. Rules can be used to alert teams based on search queries, asset changes, and system-level events. Alerts can be sent in-platform, via email, or using webhooks, with support for platforms like Slack and Telegram. Rules can also update assets by applying tags or overriding specific fields. Read more.
  • Expanded API capabilities: Many Rumble customers drive their network discovery and asset inventory with automation. The new Account API offers multi-tenancy management of organizations, users, scans, and deployed Rumble Explorers.

Rumble updates its SaaS platform and related tools frequently, often several times a week. View the release history here.

Expanding go-to-market and engineering teams

With the recent funding, Rumble is expanding its go-to-market and engineering staff. Chris Kirsch joined HD Moore as a co-founder and chief revenue officer in 2020. Kirsch has more than 20 years of experience in the information security space. With a background in marketing and a technical mindset, he has helped formulate the go-to-market strategy at PGP, nCipher, Rapid7, and Veracode. In 2017, he earned the Black Badge for winning the Social Engineering Capture the Flag competition at DEF CON, the world’s largest hacker conference. His work on Metasploit and in incident response at Rapid7 is particularly applicable to Rumble’s technology and use cases.

Mathew Murphy joins the engineering team as chief architect. His tenure at IBM provided him with experience in vulnerability management and in connecting large-scale distributed information systems.

Thao Doan, Rumble’s new director of content strategy, has 17 years of experience developing technical content. She has a background in information security, most recently at Rapid7.

About Rumble, Inc.

Rumble, Inc. is the maker of Rumble Network Discovery, a simple, fast, and accurate way to create an asset inventory in IT and OT environments. After gaining fast network visibility, Rumble’s customers use the SaaS platform to tag asset owners, identify risks, map network topology, accelerate incident response efforts, find old hardware, and manage IP space. Rumble’s customers range from family-owned businesses to Fortune 5 companies, with industries as varied as education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and utilities. Rumble is popular with managed service providers who need to scope out and manage their customers' networks. Rumble has more than 100 paying customers in over 20 countries. The company is backed by Decibel Partners, a global venture capital firm backed by Cisco. Rumble offers a free Starter Edition to small companies and individuals with less than 256 devices that is in use by over 4,000 organizations today. More info at


Chris Kirsch
Chief Revenue Officer
Rumble, Inc.
Phone (978) 267-3084

Release Summary

Rumble, the network and asset discovery company founded by HD Moore, raises $5m in VC funding.


Chris Kirsch
Chief Revenue Officer
Rumble, Inc.
Phone (978) 267-3084