Men More Romantic Than Women This Valentine’s Day?

UserTesting video-based research shows that men are more excited than women for the upcoming holiday

UserTesting Valentine's Day Study (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--The most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching, and despite the pandemic, love is still in the air. A recent study conducted by UserTesting, a leading provider of on-demand human insight, revealed how men and women plan to spend the holiday this year as the pandemic continues.

Valentine’s Day at home

The shutdown of most outdoor activities will have an impact on Valentine’s Day plans. In most states, restaurants for example are either closed, offer limited seating options, or only allow takeout. Our research did find that if restaurants, bars, or theatres were to open, only 10 percent of women would choose to go out, compared to 70 percent of men who said they would.

With most couples planning to stay home this year, dinner, movies, gift exchanges, and intimate activities topped the list. For women, the top three activities most popular were: making dinner or ordering takeout (90%), watching movies (90%), and intimate activities (80%). The top three choices selected by men were: making dinner or ordering takeout (80%), gift exchange (80%), and intimate activities (70%).

Who is looking forward to Valentine’s Day?

Men might be more excited about Valentine’s Day than women in 2021. When asked how excited respondents were, ranging from Not Excited to Extremely, 60 percent of women were only somewhat excited. In comparison, 50 percent of men said they were excited or extremely excited about Valentine’s Day. Men appear to be more excited about Valentine’s Day.

Gifts and spending

Buying the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner can be a challenge. Our study found a mix of gifts that women and men would like to receive. Women would prefer to receive chocolates/candies (60%), flowers or plants (60%), and gift cards (30%) over jewelry, clothes, and electronics. While half of the men we spoke to stated they would like to be gifted electronics (50%) over all else.

Men plan to spend more this holiday than women on gifts for their significant other. Majority of women, 60 percent, said they plan to spend $50 or less, while the majority of men said they plan to spend more than $50.

Like it or love it?

Many holidays can seem retail driven, so we wanted to learn who loves Valentine's Day and who doesn’t. Our research found that 40 percent of women and 40 percent of men agreed that it’s just a retail holiday, but choose to celebrate it anyway. It was also revealed that 50 percent of women stated that they “love it” versus 30 percent of men. Finally, 10 percent of women and 30 percent of men admitted they only celebrate it to make their partner happy.

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The survey was conducted between January 16-18 with 10 men and 10 women that participated in the video think aloud survey. The participants were required to be between the ages of 25 and 65, living in the U.S., currently in a relationship and that celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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Men More Romantic Than Women This Valentine’s Day? UserTesting video-based research shows results of Valentine's Day study


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