No Dogs Left Behind Slaughterhouse Survivors Coming Home

Donations and Adopters Needed to help bring more survivors home


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Cali, the golden retriever says goodbye to the man who saved her from slaughter before she leaves with her new family.

NEW YORK--()--No Dogs Left Behind, a global animal welfare organization, is transporting rescued dogs from the Chinese meat market to their forever families in North America. The adopted survivors will be flying into JFK this Friday and Saturday. Over 100 survivors traveled thousands of miles to experience the love and safety of being a cherished member of an eagerly awaiting family.

With help from hundreds of activists in China and the US, Jeff Beri, the founder of the organization rescues dogs from slaughterhouses, dog meat trucks, wet markets, the Yulin Meat Festival, and illegal dog traffickers, and then transports them to safe havens where they receive medical care, nutritional support, and rehabilitation on an ongoing basis. Fighting on the front lines to end the reckless slaughtering of animals this movement will also put an end to a serious threat to human health as wet markets breed infectious disease. While the majority of the population in China does not eat dog meat, it is estimated over 20 million dogs are barbarically slaughtered each year.

Over emails, phone calls, and even video chats, the companion animals have been matched with loving forever families in North America, who are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new best friends. Each survivor walks the streets of North America as ambassadors for change which also helps raise awareness of the need for all dogs across the world to find homes. The cost to transport the dogs has exponentially increased over the past year amid a global pandemic. Essentially stranding the dogs in China for almost all of 2020 and limiting NDLB's efforts to rescue more dogs, funds are needed to keep survivors coming home and to allow NDLB to save more from such a barbaric death.

Fighting against recent COVID-19 outbreaks in China which require extraordinary logistics, support, and planning to ensure safe-passage, No Dogs Left Behind teams in China and the United States has coordinated this historical evacuation. No other rescue organization has succeeded in mass-evacuation-transport of this magnitude since the outbreak of the pandemic. Among the many challenges, the evacuation required multiple construction efforts to build strategically-placed housing throughout the country to provide shelter during the transport that would ensure the survivors were secured when/if areas were closed down for COVID-19 outbreaks. NDLB team members across the country travel with the dogs through every stage as they make their way to Beijing for their freedom flight to the United States.

Through the unwavering support of donors, volunteers and activists NDLB is leading the efforts to bring global animal welfare reform. The survivors coming home will allow NDLB to perform their trademark emergency response, saving more lives and providing education and awareness to the communities in China. Those interested in adopting or supporting the cause of No Dogs Left Behind should visit

Event Details:

What: Over 100 slaughterhouse survivors arriving to meet their forever families.
Where: Cell Lot B, JFK International Airport
When: January 29th and 30th
9:30 AM – EST

Media is welcome to experience this powerful event joining survivors with their families.

About No Dogs Left Behind: No Dogs Left Behind operates boots on the ground in China, fighting on the frontlines to rescue dogs from the illegal dog-meat trade. They work hands-on with local activists through emergency response, pulling dogs directly from slaughterhouses, dog meat trucks, wet markets, and traffickers. Their mission extends beyond borders, advocating for the creation and enforcement of animal welfare laws, and raising awareness for a cruelty-free, sustainable world in which no animal is violated, exploited, tortured, or slaughtered for commercial goods or profit. With nearly 500 survivors in their care, No Dogs Left Behind operates sanctuaries in Dayi and Gongyi, China.


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Over 100 slaughterhouse survivors coming home.


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