ZEDEDA Unveils Industry’s First Open Orchestration Solution for the Distributed Edge

  • Deployed for over a year by leaders in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy and retail—trusted by enterprises like Rockwell Automation, Invenergy, BOBST, PeopleFlo and Agora
  • Delivers the ultimate flexibility to customers by supporting any combination of Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters and virtual machines (VMs) for legacy applications, deployed on any edge computing node while connecting to any cloud
  • Uniquely extends operational best practices for uptime, security and simplicity to the field
  • Purpose-built for edge/OT by leveraging EVE-OS from the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge, insuring against lock-in and facilitating interoperability across an open ecosystem
  • Protects valuable edge computing resources deployed outside of data centers using its unrivaled and state of the art Zero Trust security architecture

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--ZEDEDA, ​the leader in orchestration for the distributed edge, today announced its cloud-native solution that delivers visibility, control and security for edge computing deployments. Companies can now have full-stack remote management and observability for any distributed edge computing hardware and edge application while connecting to any cloud or on-premises system.

“The explosion of edge data requires more processing closer to the source, and existing solutions simply do not meet the unique needs for orchestrating apps and hardware outside of physically-secure data centers,” said ZEDEDA’s CEO and founder Said Ouissal. “Our solution enables customers to operationalize secure distributed edge computing at scale and is based on a truly open foundation and backed by the world’s leading open edge ecosystem.”

ZEDEDA simplifies distributed edge operations by enabling customers to deploy and manage compute nodes anywhere with no IT expertise required on site. An unparalleled out-of-the-box experience includes a built-in app marketplace for on-demand deployment of custom innovations and featured offerings from leading ISVs. By activating functions such as data ingestion, AI/ML, networking and security, customers can instantly unlock the value of edge data to make real-time decisions, maximize operational efficiency and drive new business outcomes.

The ability to deploy this level of security at the distributed edge is what sets ZEDEDA’s solution apart. As Gartner Research Vice President Bob Gill writes in Gartner’s ​ 2021 Strategic Roadmap for Edge Computing: “One thing that stands out when developing a POC for an edge implementation is that creating a single system for a trial can be straightforward, but implementing such a system at scale, including enterprise-grade security, orchestration, life cycle management and governance, is a daunting task.”*

“Edge computing is key to the future of industrial automation, and ZEDEDA provides an unmatched scalable and secure universal orchestration solution,” said John Zepecki, Vice President, Software and Control at Rockwell Automation. “Their solution unlocks the digital future of the IoT edge across Rockwell's ecosystem of software and hardware partners.”

"ZEDEDA will enable us to orchestrate, monitor and automate edge computing at remote well sites,” said Obinna Ilochonwu, Industrial IoT Architect at Schlumberger. “We are also exploring it to deploy Kubernetes-managed containerized AI/ML apps alongside legacy apps in VMs.”

“We are shaping the future of the packaging world where every phase in the production process is connected, digitized and automated,” said Serge Morisod, Head of IoT Lab at BOBST. “ZEDEDA provides a cloud-based solution, orchestrating the software lifecycle of our IoT devices deployed worldwide. This enables frequent and secure updates of new advanced software, which are required for our customers who operate, more than ever, in an agile business.”

Open Ecosystem Accelerates Time to Value

ZEDEDA’s open edge ecosystem offers the developer community and enterprises a choice of market-leading solutions and services delivered by industry experts. Participating companies include Accenture, Advantech, Dianomic, Google, HPE, Inductive Automation, Lanner, Microsoft, PTC, SAS, Supermicro and SUSE.

“HPE Edgeline systems are deployed at far-edge locations, and the users value simplified management of platforms and applications,” said Bharath Ramesh, Head of Global Product Management, Converged Edge and IoT Systems, HPE. “ZEDEDA provides a remote orchestration foundation that addresses this need for our customers.”

“We’re seeing customers commence Kubernetes projects with thousands to tens of thousands of nodes, and this requires a foundation that provides visibility,” said Sheng Liang, President of Engineering and Innovation at SUSE. “ZEDEDA provides a secure foundation for us to extend our supported Kubernetes offer outside of data centers.”

“ZEDEDA’s support for both VMs and containers is valuable for customers,” said Abby Eon, General Manager of PTC Kepware. “This enables deployment of Windows-based ThingWorx Kepware Server alongside containerized applications like Azure IoT Edge on the same device.”

Zero Trust Security Architecture Protects Edge Computing Software and Hardware

Deploying valuable resources outside of secure data centers calls for increased safety measures, so ZEDEDA employs a Zero Trust security model with considerations down to the hardware level. Operating under the principle of “never trust, always verify,” ZEDEDA’s solution authenticates and approves requests at every point, not just the perimeter.

Additional Customer and Partner Perspectives on ZEDEDA’s Solution

“To help more of our energy industry customers meet regulatory requirements, increase production efficiency, and improve worker safety, Agora is expanding access to our edge AI and IoT solutions,” said Director of Agora Venture, Sujit Kumar. “Leveraging ZEDEDA’s unique approach to orchestrating a wide range of apps (ours and our partners’), is making deployment of edge computing platforms easier.”

"When we focused our company on MachineEdge's pump system optimization, we needed solutions to three challenges: updating software external to our IoT Edge modules, holistic device security and device monitoring," said Mike Thompson, CTO of PeopleFlo. "ZEDEDA provided a secure platform for device management and application deployment, allowing us to focus on creating the most value for our end-users."

“Video surveillance integrators typically lack remote orchestration and management of customer infrastructure because IT tools are too complex and cost-prohibitive,” said Tom Larson, Director of Safety and Security at MBX. “ZEDEDA makes simplified deployment and remote management of existing video management software a reality, while future-proofing for new innovations.”

“Deploying predictive maintenance apps through ZEDEDA's IoT edge orchestration solution has provided new insights into our wind turbines and is expected to both improve uptime and reduce O&M costs,” said Matthew Conwell, Director, Operations Engineering at Invenergy.

"Our customers and community are deploying Industry 4.0 edge applications for continuous monitoring, predictive maintenance, OEE, and safety using our leading IIoT open-source platform FogLAMP," said Tom Arthur, CEO of Dianomic. "ZEDEDA enables them to securely manage edge operating environments at scale combined with FogLAMP’s tight integration with existing ISA95 operational systems (e.g., OSIsoft, Rockwell, Emerson, ABB, Siemens, AVEVA, SAP, Oracle) and clouds (Google, AWS and Microsoft)."

Flexible Purchasing Models

ZEDEDA’s distributed edge orchestration solution is sold and consumed as a service with a subscription-based enterprise license, including 24/7 support. The “pay-as-you-go” model enables customers with the flexibility to start small and scale as their edge computing needs evolve. White-label models are also available for OEMs and SIs. For pricing, contact ZEDEDA.

To learn more about ZEDEDA’s open orchestration solution for the distributed edge, register here to join a February 10 webinar (10 am PT). The webinar will include customer use cases and a product demonstration.

* Gartner, 2021 Strategic Roadmap for Edge Computing, Bob Gill, November 3, 2020.


ZEDEDA, the leader in orchestration for the distributed edge, delivers visibility, control and security for edge computing deployments. ZEDEDA enables customers the freedom of

deploying and managing any app on any hardware​ ​at scale​ ​and connecting to any cloud or on-premises systems. Distributed edge solutions require a diverse mix of technologies and domain expertise, and ZEDEDA provides customers with an open, vendor-agnostic orchestration framework that breaks down silos and provides the needed agility and futureproofing as they evolve their connected operations. Customers can now seamlessly orchestrate intelligent applications at the distributed edge to gain access to critical insights, make real-time decisions and maximize operational efficiency. ZEDEDA is a venture-backed Silicon Valley company, headquartered in San Jose, CA, with offices in Bangalore and Pune, India. For more information, contact info@zededa.com.


Michael Kellner