Remote Working Triggering “Career Development Crisis”

Online assessments pave the way for better people-development decisions

TRUMBULL, Conn.--()--Many workers are fearing that their professional progress has stalled as COVID-19 has triggered a ‘career development crisis’ with so many working from home. Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is urging employers to continue to invest in their people’s career development to engage, motivate, and retain workers during this economic uncertainty.

A recent Questionmark report “Making Better Decisions and Engaging a Remote Workforce”, argues career development is critical to engaging and retaining employees.

A survey of 250,000 workers by the Work Institute found that a lack of career development is the number one reason that people leave a job.1

Research by Doodle, the online calendar tool, found that 41% of employees feel their career development has stalled during the pandemic and 9% believe they have gone backwards.2

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “It is vital that employers continue to engage and motivate their people to retain them. Amid economic uncertainty, the usual tools of pay rises and promotions are not always at their disposal, so it is vital to find other ways.

“Career development is something that leaders can continue to champion. When teams are working remotely, online assessments help employers understand how they can do this. They provide vital information to make good decisions on engagement and personal development. Developing the team can be given the priority it deserves.”

Online assessments provide up-to-date information on the skills that workers possess. Managers can quickly identify where strengths and weaknesses lie. Additional training can be introduced to develop needed skills.

Assessments can help leaders make better decisions on nurturing career development. By testing an employee’s current skill set and matching it up to their career aspirations, employers can create a tailored training and development plan. These can be critical in helping people develop and in retaining talent.

Ongoing assessments can track progress and give workers a sense of ongoing development. Where appropriate, employers can create internal certification programs, underpinned by robust assessments, to reward team members’ progress.

For more information on supporting employees to reach their potential, download the full report: “Making Better Decisions and Engaging a Remote Workforce”.

The report forms part of the ‘Questionmark Viewpoint’ series which explores the challenges that Questionmark customers face, and how Questionmark helps address them.

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